Have you stopped your cleaner coming to your home during the COVID-19 pandemic for fear of the virus spreading?

While you may think this is the right thing to do for the safety of you, your family, your home, and your cleaner too, its not the best move.

Read on to learn why now more than ever is not the time to cancel having a cleaner work at your home.

The Dilemma

COVID-19 is a global illness that has led doctors, government officials, and the media to hammer home the importance of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene.

We are told to cover our faces in public, wash our hands for a specific length of time, to social distance, to line up for our trips to the store, and to isolate or quarantine in our homes, away from the rest of society.

Although this means we must stay as clean and sanitary as possible to beat the virus and avoid the pandemic becoming worse, it also discourages us from inviting anyone unnecessarily into our homes.

This then throws up a dilemma when it comes to employing a cleaner.

You want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep things as sanitary as possible, but by denying a cleaner entry to your home you are denying them the chance to keep your habitat clean. It’s somewhat of a Catch 22.

And yet, the reasons for keeping a cleaner employed at your property outweigh the reasons not to.

Easing of Restrictions

Remember – the Stay At Home Order was lifted on May 15 and replaced by new guidance for economic recovery to champion health and physical distancing.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey‘s criteria aligned with the specifications laid out by the White House and Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The professional advice allowed an easing of lockdown measures with the belief that the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence is less likely.

Not only does Arizona’s new Executive Order protect public health, but it also provides public health guidance for businesses and individuals to ensure continued physical distancing.

The Arizona Department of Health Services also provided guidance for businesses and customers so that they could resume partial operations. And many of these services – such as pools, spas, and gyms – are way more invasive than inviting a cleaner into your home.

If this does not provide you with reassurance, read on…

Hiring a Cleaner for Your House During COVID-19

It is important that you do hire a cleaner for your home during this pandemic. Read on to learn why:

1. Professionalism

If you’re hiring a cleaner, they will be providing a professional service. And that is crucial in a time when keeping a hygienic home is paramount.

Simply put, a global illness that thrives off bacteria or an unhygienic environment is not a time to skimp or be lax when it comes to keeping your home clean.

And, while you’re bound to feel you can do a good job of cleaning your home yourself, can you do a better job than a consummate pro?

2. Give Yourself a Break

You – like everyone right now – are likely concerned about the pandemic, and what it means for many aspects of life.

And so – why put yourself through added stress? If you can keep a cleaner on to take care of the cleanliness of your home, this is one less thing for you to worry about.

Not only can you check that off the list of things to get done every week, but you can also focus on other things. And you are looking after your health – and the health of the others under your roof – while you’re at it.

This is something that will help you sleep easier, knowing you are doing all you can for your family’s safety and wellbeing.

3. You’re Helping the Bigger Picture

If you are being a responsible citizen and using a professional cleaning service, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are doing your ‘bit’ for the pandemic as a whole.

The fact is, the more stringent we are about maintaining a high level of hygiene, the faster the virus is kept at bay. If you choose now to skimp on keeping things the cleanest they can be, COVID-19 will be around a lot longer than we want it to be.

While it’s easy to say you can’t make a difference on your own, that isn’t true.

Beating coronavirus has been a public effort. We have been told to stay away from others and stay indoors. That way, we beat the virus. And so keeping our leaners on the payroll to enforce professional levels of hygiene is just as important a step as isolating or social distancing.

4. Don’t Let Yourself get Scared

If you cancel your cleaning service it can be argued that you are giving in to the fear of the pandemic.

While our lives have had to change drastically in 2020, we cannot hide away in fear. Don’t be one of the frightened few who are panicking.

COVID-19 can be battled calmly, and employing a cleaner is a way of doing that.

5. Social Distancing

Just because you are inviting a cleaner inside your home to do their job does not mean you have to throw social distancing rules out of the window.

The simple fact is that you are social distancing anyway when you leave the house, if you are a responsible citizen.

When you run essential errands, or when the mailman comes to the door with a parcel, or when you go to the grocery store, you are having to keep six feet away from others. You need to continue enforcing these rules with your cleaner, too.

Both you and they will be safe if you stay six feet apart. You can ensure the equipment and products they need are somewhere they can access them, without having to get close to them yourself.

And if they can’t find the mop – ask that they keep six feet from you while you find it.

6. COVID-19 Precautions

Across the world, businesses and professional services are having to adapt to the planet’s COVID-19 crisis. This means there are professional standards being enforced by companies and their staff, who continue to interact with customers.

Cleaning services will have the same rules in place – they will be enforcing personal protective equipment is being worn when sending a staff member into someone’s home. Cleaners wearing masks and gloves adds an extra layer of protection.

The cleaning staff tutored on how to go about professionally cleaning your home without risking infection or spreading, keep things at a maximum level of sanitation, and make sure you – as well as they – are not at risk.

7. Keeping People Employed

It is a scary time for many with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has placed on the world. Many are worried about their jobs and their income – not least those in the domestic service industry.

And so it is important, if you can, to do your part in keeping people employed. And so retaining the service a cleaner provides is an important way of doing this.

It’s also recommended that – if you can – you pay them their usual rate. As the cleaning levels will be higher, raise their salary where possible, to help with the shortfall they may be experiencing due to a lack of work elsewhere. You may need them to work for a few extra hours a week, given the climate right now.

8. You’re at Home More Right Now

Remember, we have been told to stay home as much as possible over the past few months. This means you and your family have been using the house more than you would normally.

The kids have been homeschooled, you may be working from home, and so, while you’re going in and out less, you are utilizing your belongings more so than ever.

This is reason alone to make sure you’re on top of things when it comes to keeping the home professionally clean.

9. Having a Clear Out?

With more time on our hands at home right now, many have seized the opportunity to have a clear out.

Households across the world have finally gotten around to sorting through that closet, the attic, the basement, the garage. We are finally throwing out things we don’t need or never use.

This creates several hygiene issues. You might be unearthing long-forgotten items and creating more dust. You might be producing extra trash as you sort through the closet in the guest bedroom.

If you’re using this time to do chores like this, having a cleaner to provide extra help keeping things clean will never be a bad thing.

10. Pro Products

Remember that a professional cleaning company may very well be using heavy-duty cleaning products that you don’t have access to.

While the products you can purchase in the stores are of course effective, employing pro cleaners with their extra-strong supplies could see your home come out even cleaner and more sanitized than you imagined.

Does your cleaner also do your laundry? The same applies here. Pro cleaners often use an extra powerful detergent that could be more effective on your clothes during this time.

11. Assuring Others

While it’s recommended to keep a cleaner in employment during this time, others may not agree.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an alien situation for us all; and people are looking to their families and friends for advice and guidance.

By keeping a cleaner employed at your home, you can set this example for others. And this, in turn, spreads a positive message. You are helping keep others, in other households, safe and hygienic.

On top of this, you are supporting the businesses of other companies and the livelihoods of their cleaning staff. As mentioned earlier, every little helps.

12. Your House, Your Rules

One of the major benefits of employing someone in your own home is that you are the one who controls the environment they work in.

And so, while professional cleaning services will ensure they do all they can to keep the house safe for them to work in and you to live in, during this time of COVID-19 you can contribute to that as well.

How can you do this?

Allow ventilation. Keep doors and windows open around the house where the cleaning will take place.

Wear your own personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, when you have your cleaner inside your home to do their job.

Ensure there is hand sanitizer around, and that your own equipment can be accessed easily.

Instruct the others in your household to stay out of the way. You want your cleaner to be able to get on with their job effectively. Make sure you, the kids and the pets are somewhere else while they do so. Even send the kids out for their lockdown exercise while the cleaner is in the house. Get them to take the dog for a walk.

Manage your household to minimize any risk to you and your cleaner. It will mean the job is done faster, better, and everyone will be able to have peace of mind in this worrying time.

Get Hiring

These key reasons to hire a cleaner during the COVID-19 crisis prove precisely why it’s important to have someone expertly keep your home sterilized, hygienic, and spotless.

If you’d like to learn about the services we provide and get a quote, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us. We are ready to answer your queries and get your house in tip-top shape.

We’re here to help you battle COVID-19 and keep the virus at bay – even when the world has eventually recovered from it.