Professionalism – it’s the number-one attribute any service provider should possess. And this goes especially for a Peoria house cleaning service. These are, after all, people who will come into your home and spend several hours there – at least twice a month, in every room, and possibly when you’re not there. So you would absolutely want professionalism in your house cleaning company.

The problem with businesses that provide a service is that there often isn’t any professional licensing or vetting process. That means just about anyone can call themselves house cleaners, hang out a sign, and start doing business. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 50% of cleaning businesses fail and go out of business within the first year. So to help you steer clear of the fly-by-night services, here are the 4 signs of professionalism to look for in a house cleaning company.

1. Dependability

Dependability is a huge element of professionalism for a service business of any kind, really.  But what does that mean exactly for a house cleaning service?

Obviously and first of all, it means that they show up regularly and on time for scheduled cleaning. For that to happen, though, there has to be a contingency plan in place. Your cleaning service, for example, should have back-up teams in case someone on the crew scheduled to clean your home has a family emergency or gets sick or schedules vacation. Truly professional companies will have back-up or alternate cleaning teams to make sure your home stays clean and does so on schedule.

And does your Peoria house cleaning service have all the requisite equipment and supplies to do the job they say they’ll do and that you want done? To be really dependable, your cleaning company must have adequately trained personnel along with the specialized equipment to meet your specific weekly and seasonal cleaning needs.

2. Accountability

Probably even more important is accountability and its several facets. First and most important, your cleaning service must be bonded and insured for both property damage and liability, as well as carrying employee bonding. So if, say, damage to your expensive hardwood floors does happen to occur or if someone on the cleaning crew sustains an injury while in your home, you are protected – from both loss and liability.

Another part of the accountability aspect of professionalism is the QA facet. Your cleaner should conduct quality audits and send out surveys to monitor your satisfaction with the quality of cleaning. In addition, the professional generally provides a checklist of cleaning tasks performed for your approval. And if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, they will return and rectify the problem or offer monetary satisfaction.

3. Convenience

If a service provider doesn’t make their service convenient for you, well, then, it’s really not all that great a service. For a Peoria house cleaning service, convenience means above all accommodating your needs and your schedule.

Another part of convenience is simply making it easy to pay for services, such as the ability to pay online or have a credit card on file for the cleaning company to charge after they render service.

4. Employee Training and Quality Assurance

The product a service business provides is not really the service. It is, rather, the people who perform that service. So a great Peoria house cleaning company will provide extensive training and ongoing performance-quality checks for employees.

Pre-screening employees by means of extensive interviews and thorough background checks is the first step for a professional service. The next step is training, both initial training and ongoing training. The truly professional companies will conduct thorough, documented training before ever sending an employee into your home. And then, to ensure consistency in quality and to reduce turnover rates, they will provide employees ongoing training to keep them abreast of new cleaning techniques and technologies.

At Dirt Busters house cleaning and maid service, they take pride in their well-earned reputation for professionalism. So book an appointment today for a clean house and peace of mind.