Living in today’s world there’s not much you can control, which can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. But there’s one thing you can control and that’s how clean your house is.

Even just an hour of cleaning is shown to give you over a 50% mood boost.

And that’s not to mention the health and safety benefits that come from regularly cleaning your house. Read on to find six tips for giving your house a good deep cleaning that will make you feel much calmer through all the chaos.

1. Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Every home has high-traffic, high-touch areas. Normally that includes door handles, faucets, toilets, and light switches.

Since these areas get touched so often throughout the day and by several people, they become the perfect holding spot for germs. Everyone knows this about these surfaces, which is why they generally get disinfected often.

But it’s a good idea to add some deep cleaning help every so often to keep them as clean as possible.

You can take a little bit of extra time to really wipe down all of the crevices and smaller areas. The attention to detail will ensure that no germs, dirt, or grime are left behind once you’re finished.

Some germs can live a long life on hard surfaces, so it’s important to take more than your normal wipe down to get everything off.

2. Use the Right Products

No matter how much you wipe down the surfaces in your home, if you’re not using the right products it won’t do much good.

In order to get the very best clean and eliminate the most germs, you need to use high-quality products intended for that specific purpose. Disinfectants should be labeled as having the ability to kill “99.9% of germs”.

There are also more natural options that you can purchase or make. These are great for everyday cleaning to keep most surfaces of too many germs.

Using the right products extends beyond disinfecting and is important for all cleaning tasks. When you use good products, often your job is much easier and requires less elbow grease to get the shine you’re looking for.

Try to find products with high ratings and that are developed for your specific needs to reduce your workload.

3. Remember Soft Surfaces

No deep cleaning guide is complete without mentioning the soft surfaces in your home that need some attention as well.

We often don’t get to washing out linens, bedding, rugs, or carpets near as often as we should. These areas can collect dust, dirt, grime, and germs the same as the hard surfaces in your home.

They may be even worse because they can hide those things much easier.

A good deep cleaning for soft surfaces would include thoroughly vacuuming all flooring. Paying very close attention to go slow and repeat each area multiple times for full coverage. Then a carpet cleaner can be used for disinfecting and removing stains.

Washing bedding should be a part of your regular cleaning routine. But sometimes we leave out the bed skirts, mattress protectors, and extra decorative bedding.

It’s important to check all of your soft surfaces and give them some extra attention.

4. Disinfect Appliances and HVAC Systems

Another often forgotten area of the home that should be regularly disinfected is all of the appliances.

In most homes, these definitely fall under the high-touch category. Just think of how many times the fridge is opened throughout a single day. But we often forget to wipe them down with a strong disinfectant.

It’s also really important to disinfect the inside of the appliances as they often hold other items (clothes, food, or containers) that could bring in germs.

Cleaning out your HVAC system is also crucial on any good deep cleaning guide. This system can have a major effect on our overall health and wellness. It should be cleaned out and filters changed on a regular basis to keep your home healthy.

5. Hire a Professional Service

Maybe the easiest answer to the question of how to deep clean is hiring a professional cleaning service.

There are all different types of cleaning services available to you. You can almost completely customize your experience by choosing which tasks you want the team to focus on, how often they come, and even requesting certain products.

A professional cleaning team is completely focused on the task at hand and can therefore do a more thorough job than most. They’re not getting distracted by the kids or the dog or any other tasks.

They also have more experience and knowledge that can make the jobs easier and end in a much cleaner result.

Keeping your house tidy is an important job but sometimes it can be too much to handle all of the deep cleaning. Hiring a cleaning service allows you to get that done without the time or effort input.

6. Setup a Cleaning Schedule

If you’re not quite ready to hire a full-on cleaning and disinfecting service for all of your cleaning needs, setting up a regular cleaning schedule can help keep you on track.

Cleaning your whole house top to bottom seems very overwhelming and time-consuming. Because it really is a huge job. But when you break down all of the tasks into smaller portions it’s much more manageable.

We recommend giving yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. This helps you to know when the last time certain things have been cleaned and when they’re due again.

Setting up a cleaning schedule will also allow you to see what you do have time for and what you actually need to hire out so that it gets done.

Best Deep Cleaning Practices for Your Home

Deep cleaning sounds like a long, difficult overwhelming process. So much so that you might be putting it off to avoid dealing with it.

Luckily, if you stick to these tips your home will be much cleaner and you’ll feel lighter and more accomplished. Regular deep cleaning will help keep away potential health hazards and keep your family safe and healthy.

If you’re interested in getting some help with your deep cleaning, contact us today!