The average family that cleans daily gets back 730 hours (30 days) a year back by hiring a house cleaner. Still not convinced that hiring one is right for you? Read on to find our top 7 reasons why it pays to hire a house cleaner.

Hiring a House Cleaner is an Investment

If you work as a freelancer, contractor, or are self-employed you know that every hour spent doing something else is an hour that could’ve been spent earning money. In some cases, like meeting up with friends or spending time with family, it’s worth the potential loss.

However, if you can earn more in an hour of working then you’ll pay for an hour of cleaning, it’s an investment.

Keep the Family Healthy

As seasons change, dust tends the accumulate and it becomes easier than ever to get sick. This doesn’t even consider if you have kids and the number of germs they bring down from school. Do you have time to disinfect every inch of your home? Probably not.

Chances are you don’t have the time to tend to sick kids all day either. Keep your family healthy (and sane) by hiring a house cleaner to keep bad germs out. Just one of the many benefits!

Reduce Stress

In-laws coming? Holding a party at your place? Maybe you just got back from a long trip and it feels like you’ll never catch up on the cleaning and laundry.

This is where hiring a house cleaner comes in as a major form of stress management.

Liven Up Your Day to Day

Have you ever seen an amazing recipe you want to try but skip it to avoid the giant pile of dishes that would come with it? Or maybe there was a great opportunity for some arts and crafts with the kids, but you couldn’t bear the idea of the mess it would make.

Knowing you’re not the one that has to deal with the clean up will make it more likely that you accept the messy moments in life and enjoy them rather than run from them.

Ditch the Resentment

Toothpaste on the sink….again. Socks on the floor…again. Dishes left with food on them…again. It’s like the more you clean the more your family goes out of their way to mess it all up again! Well, not really. But it could easily start to feel that way after a while.

Squash the resentment and improve your relationship with your loved one by making the “clean up duty” no longer your burden to bear.

All the Tricks You Don’t Know

If you’re hiring a house cleaner, chances are they have been doing it for some time. Which means they have had an opportunity to pick up all kinds of tricks to make your house sparkle.

Nothing beats seeing that grease mark you thought was permanent magically disappear, or some heavily stained laundry look like new again.

Save Money on Products

Most house cleaners keep their own stash of cleaning products as they tend to buy them in bulk, so you won’t need to keep a ton of cleaning products on hand.

Even if you’re looking for a greener approach at home, there are plenty of house cleaners that offer organic cleaning products.

End the Chaos

There are a number of struggles that come with trying to keep your home clean and hiring a house cleaner helps you overcome the chaos.

If you’re not in the position to hire a house cleaner, then try taking steps to simply the process. You can start by reading some of our articles on cleaning, like our deep cleaning checklist, to help you stay on top of everything!