When’s the last time you cleaned the attic? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to avoid the attic at all costs. If it’s out of sight, then it’s out of mind, so many attics go several years without proper cleaning. 

However, your home’s attic needs cleaning just like any other room in the house. A clean attic with proper attic maintenance can improve air quality throughout the home, improve energy efficiency, prevent pests, and maximize your attic storage area. What’s stopping you from cleaning out your home’s attic? 

Are you physically unable to climb into the attic and clean in a safe manner? Are you unable to withstand the heat of the attic for more than a few minutes? Whatever’s stopping you from cleaning your attic right now, doesn’t have to stop your attic from being clean. 

Professional house cleaners can conduct attic cleaning for you, leaving the space clutter-free while you focus on other important aspects of the home. In the guide below, you’ll find a few reasons why hiring professionals for attic cleaning is ideal. Here’s everything you need to know. 

A Cluttered Attic Can Attract Rodents

When an attic is cluttered, dirty, and untouched for an extended period of time, it can attract rodents and other pests. They’ll build nests in the attic hidden under the clutter. As time passes by, they can eventually make their way to other sections of the house. 

They’ll access the walls and ceilings of your home and build multiple nests. Squirrels, raccoons, and birds also like to inhabit deserted attics. These pests can damage your electrical system and leave urine and feces behind as well. 

Professional house cleaners will ensure your attic is decluttered, clean, and pests-free. 

Mold and Mildew Can Grow Quickly

Do you smell something foul coming from the attic? A musty odor is a good indication that mold and mildew are growing. If this is the case, the mold or mildew can quickly spread to other areas in your home. 

As the situation worsens, it can potentially cause health issues for those living in the home. Professional house cleaners have the tools and safety equipment needed to clean mold or mildew. However, if the situation is extensive, then you might need to contact professional mold remediation services. 

Your house cleaners will be able to let you know if mold or mildew is found inside the attic. This then allows you to act quickly before it worsens. 

Professionals Can Remove Attic Clutter

How much clutter is currently in your attic? Have you piled decorations, boxes full of junk, and other random items in the attic over the years? Have you ever stopped to see how much has accumulated up there? 

Now’s a great time to have professional house cleaners remove any attic clutter from the space. Before a thorough cleaning is conducted, you’ll need to remove everything from inside the attic. A team of professional cleaners can quickly remove all of the clutter and clean the attic before returning the items. 

They can also help you reduce the clutter by eliminating anything you no longer want or need before placing items back in the attic. 

Professionals Can Help You Organize

Once you’ve gone through all of these items and know what things you want to keep, you can then have the house cleaners organize the attic space for you. When your attic is well organized, you then have more room for other items in the future. 

An organized attic also allows you to access important features in your attic when needed and find signs of damage more easily, such as mold and mildew, a roof leak, damage to the insulation, and more. 

Roof Damage May Be Discovered

A cluttered attic can create more issues for your home. If you can’t see over all of the attic clutter, then there could be serious issues you’re unaware of. For example, holes, cracks, and leaks in the roof might go undiscovered.

Once all of the clutter is cleared, you’ll then notice some things you were unable to notice before. For this reason, keeping a clean attic is essential for your home’s overall condition. 

You’ll Remain Safe on Ground Level

Climbing up into an attic isn’t always the safest task. Depending on what type of attic your home has, you might not have stable stairs to get up or down. There might not be a sturdy floor inside the attic either. 

No matter what factors might be stopping you from entering and cleaning the attic, you can rely on professional house cleaners to get it done for you while you remain safe on ground level. 

You Can Schedule Reoccuring Services

Hiring professional house cleaning services to clean your attic for you is ideal because you can schedule reoccurring services. You can speak with your team of cleaning professionals to determine how often your home’s attic might need cleaning. Although your attic most likely won’t require cleaning every week, it could benefit from annual cleaning, for example. 

Each year, a team of professionals will come out and conduct a thorough attic cleaning to ensure clutter, pests, and other attic issues are kept at a minimum. 

Maintaining a Clean Attic Starts Right Here

Is your home’s attic in desperate need of cleaning? At Dirt Busters House Cleaning, we offer a variety of cleaning services for your home. Speak with one of our team members to determine what cleaning services are right for you, how often your home requires them, and how we can help you maintain a clean attic. 

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