A clean home doesn’t only look pretty, it could improve your physical and mental health. People who live in home where they clean infrequently are at higher risk for environmental allergies, falls, and problems focusing on work and other tasks.

One way you can ensure you live in a clean home is by hiring a cleaning service.

Whether you hire an individual house cleaner or work with a large cleaning company, you’ll reap the benefits of a professionally cleaned home. Look for a professional who knows all about cleaning and can put that knowledge to work in a way that satisfies your unique cleaning needs.

Not sure how to hire the best cleaning professional? Read our tips before you begin looking for a cleaning service.

Set Your Budget

Before you go all out and start interviewing house cleaners, evaluate your household budget. Knowing how much room you have in your budget for cleaning services helps prevent wasted time when it comes to interviews.

If you find your budget is too tight to afford professional cleaning, look again. You may find one or two non-necessities you can either cut out completely or adjust.

Once you determine how much you can pay for a cleaning service, put together a plan that outlines what you expect from the service you hire.

What Cleaning Services Do You Need?

What you need depends on the size of your home and the size of your family.

Most professional services offer a basic package with a selection of optional services. Usually, you’ll start with a deep clean of your entire home. After the initial clean you can choose whether you want regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly visits.

Most basic packages include:

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping Floors
  • Dusting

Optional services might include waxing floors, carpet cleaning, polishing woodwork, window cleaning, or laundry.

Once you decide what you’d like your service to take care of for you, it’s time for interviews.

The Interview

When you interview house cleaners it’s your time to ask about rates, insurance and bonding, and guarantees. During the interview, you should also discuss background checks and references. Don’t forget to ask whether you can get a written contract.

Be thorough. Interviewing prospective house cleaners helps you determine how comfortable you feel about a specific person or cleaning team.

Are They All About Cleaning Green?

If you’re concerned about using environmentally-friendly cleaning products in your home, don’t hesitate to talk about what products they use.

Green cleaning isn’t only about products. Ask if the company or individual you’re considering hiring uses green equipment.

If the service doesn’t use green products, don’t cross them off the list. Instead, provide your own green cleaning products and equipment.

Ready to Hire Your New House Cleaning Service?

Now that you’ve looked at your budget, decided what services you need, and prepared a few interview questions, it’s time to make your first phone calls.

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