Did you know that more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year?

It’s no wonder that people are looking at ways to alleviate or control them.

Are your allergies flaring up more often? 

It could be because of your home.

Keep reading to learn 5 common allergies in your home and how you can prevent them.


1. Dust Mites

You can find most dust mites in the bedroom. It helps to clean all your sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillowcases weekly and in hot water. Afterward, dry everything in your dryers hot setting to make sure you kill all the dust mites.

Everything that you can’t wash such as certain pillows, your mattress, or certain comforters use an allergen-proof cover to help keep the dust mites off.

2. Pet Dander

Your pet has a protein in their dead skin flakes AKA dander, their urine, and their saliva that is a common allergen for humans. If you are prone and sensitive to allergies this protein will trigger your allergies. 

Vacuum frequently to help reduce the dander and wash your pet weekly to help wash off excess hair and their dry scalp. You might want to train them to stay off the beds and furniture and have a designated area or areas in your home that are 100% pet-free.

3. Mold

Bathrooms and basements are known for being damp. Mildew and Mold thrive in damp areas and their spores can float in the air as pollen does. This can trigger allergies in anyone that is sensitive.

You can help minimize mold and mildew by having tile on the walls vs having wallpaper or by painting the walls with mold-resistant paint. Another way to help is after you take a shower run an exhaust fan in the bathroom and also towel dry the bathtub or your shower instead of letting the water evaporate. 

Make sure you double check under your carpets for any mold and if you find any replace the carpet immediately. Regularly check your basement walls and clean off any mold or mildew you might find. A dehumidifier will help reduce moisture in any room that’s damp so you might want to consider keeping one in the bathroom and basement.

4. Pollen

Keep your windows and doors closed to keep pollen outside. During the morning hours between 5 and 10 am plants tend to release pollen so try to stay indoors during these times. Also, you want to avoid hanging laundry outside because pollen and mold can collect on your clothes.

When you come inside remove your clothes immediately and take a shower. This will help you not spread pollen inside your home. 

5. Vacuum dust

You want to regularly vacuum to collects dust, pet hair, pet dander and anything else that has accumulated on your carpets and floor. Make sure that you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This will make sure that you don’t send dust particle into the air.

A HEPA filter will trap small particles and not affect anyone that has dust mite allergies.

Say Goodbye to Common Allergies

Crazy to imagine how many allergies are right under our own roof. There are so many things we all come in contact with daily that might trigger common allergies.

Are you looking for someone to give you peace of mind with a thorough cleaning? Contact us today for an instant quote we’d love to help you make your home allergy free.