Characteristics of a Quality Goodyear House Cleaning ServiceYou wouldn’t let any stranger who comes to your door into your home, would you? No, you’d want to know a good bit about the person before inviting him in. So why let just any old Goodyear house cleaning service bring their employees – total strangers to you – into your home?

You can never be 100% certain about anyone you hire to provide a service. But practicing some due diligence will go a long way toward ensuring that they can do the job well and safely while respecting your property. For a cleaning service, you just need to make sure they have these 4 characteristics.

Fully Insured and Bonded

The number one sign of a service provider’s dedication to professionalism, as well as a pretty good indicator of their integrity, is being insured and bonded. It tells you a lot about the provider, and it also protects you.

You’ll want to make sure the service you choose is fully bonded and insured for both property damage and liability and that they carry employee bonding, too. This way, if something in your home does happen to get damaged or if someone on the cleaning crew sustains an injury while in your home, you are protected from loss and liability. This is one of the first things you should look for.


Basically, being dependable means doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it – every time. So a quality house cleaning service has contingency plans in place to make sure they are dependable.

For example, does your prospective cleaning service have backup teams in case someone on the crew scheduled to clean your home gets sick? They should. Also, can the service really handle – with respect to experience, employees, and equipment – all of your (sometimes specialized) weekly and seasonal cleaning needs? Dependable house cleaning companies will have a  mixture of experience and expertise.

Ease of Service

Most likely the chief reason you’re using a house cleaning or maid service is that you just don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself. So the whole process, from your end, should be easy and quick and stress-free.

Once scheduled in for regular service, quality house cleaners will make ongoing service easy for you. They will, for example, send out reminders and make sure they have all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment always on hand. And, further, they will make it easy for you to get personalized service, making sure to use your preferred products and accommodating your special requests. A really top-shelf house cleaning service will always keep your guidelines in mind when cleaning your home – without your having to oversee the cleaning.


And, of course, there’s quality of service (which is really many faceted). Certainly, the cleaning has to be acceptable. It has to meet or exceed your expectations, and that’s why the really good house cleaning companies in Glendale will offer a guarantee. Don’t neglect to check out the service’s reputation for quality work, both online and locally.

A good house cleaning service has good employees. They must provide thorough training for employees, and they should, like Dirt Busters, perform random quality checks. A company that uses checklists will be able to deliver the same standard of quality each time.

And don’t forget that time is another facet of quality work. A good company will make sure they complete your cleaning job on or before the deadline you and they set. The cleaning crew won’t show up at your house late, and they will also try to accommodate any scheduling changes you may have to make.

One last thing to mention is feedback. Is your (prospective?) cleaning service willing to take criticism and make necessary adjustments, and do they make it easy for you to provide feedback? Dirt Busters, a Goodyear house cleaning and maid service sends out easy one-click surveys that take only a few seconds – because we care about what you think. Book an appointment with Dirtbusters today.