Are you getting ready to host a party but aren’t sure how to get your home looking great for guests?

Cleaning for your family is one thing, but cleaning for house guests is a whole other ballgame. You have to be more thorough and disciplined with your cleaning before inviting people into your home.

Read on for our helpful cleaning guide to get your space party-ready.

Do a Walkthrough and Make a To-Do List

Before you even begin to clean your home, you will want to assess your space. Walk around and decide what needs to happen before the day of the party. Writing down a list of your tasks will help you to create a timeline and also ensure you get the supplies you need for cleaning.

Some materials you may want to have on hand include:

  • A vacuum
  • Bleach
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Air purifier
  • Window cleaner
  • Fiber cloths 
  • Mop or broom
  • Dish soap
  • Room spray

Even if you already have these products, you may want to double-check that they are ready to go for cleaning day. Make sure your vacuum is empty and your cleaners have enough product in them.

A Room-by-Room Cleaning Guide

Once you have all of the essentials, then it is time to begin cleaning for your house party. Here is what you need to know to tackle each area of your home.

The Outside of the House

Before you even begin on the inside of your house, you’ll want to clean up the outside. Your guests will look at your home’s exterior before they step inside.

You will want to make sure that your guests have a clear path up to your door. Get rid of any debris or leaves that are covering your driveway and sidewalk. Wipe down your front door from the top down with a microfiber cloth.

If you have a patio, make sure your furniture is clean and the area is free of cobwebs. This is especially important if you are hosting a party in the summer and want to invite your guests to sit outside.

The Entryway 

The entryway is likely where you will greet all of your party guests. Make sure the area is free of dirt from muddy shoes and give the area a good sweep with the vacuum. 

If your guests will be putting jackets in an entryway closet, then make sure the closet is clean and has plenty of room for extra clothing.

The Kitchen

You will need your kitchen to be sparkling clean for party preparation. Clean your refrigerator out and make room for party food and any leftovers. While you do this, wipe down your fridge with an all-purpose cleaner.

Next, move on to the counters. Put away any unneeded appliances to give yourself more space and then clean your counters thoroughly.

Make sure the stovetop is washed with an appropriate cleaner. One great way to get grease off of your stove is to mix together water, vinegar, and dish soap. You can then spray it on the stove and let it sit for ten minutes before wiping it down.

This is also a great time to make sure your dishes and cutlery are washed and in good condition. If need be, you can give them an extra clean by hand or stick them in the dishwasher. 

Empty the trash and put new bags in so your guests have adequate room to throw things away. Lastly, mop, sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor (or a combination of the three).

The Living Room

Your guests will likely spend the most time in the living room area, so this is one of the most important places to keep clean.

Start off by vacuuming the floors and furniture. Dust, food, and pet hair can all stick to your furniture and carpet, so it is essential to thoroughly clean these surfaces. If your furniture can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner, then you can also steam it with your iron.

Next, declutter any surfaces so your guests will have room to set down their food and drinks. Wipe down or dust off the tables. If there is a TV in this area, then clean it with a microfiber cloth. 

The Bathrooms

The first step to cleaning the bathroom is to make sure your toilet and sink are sparkling. Apply toilet bowl cleaner and scrub down the surface. You can also use a multipurpose cleaner to polish the rest of the toilet along with the sink.

Next, clean the bathroom mirror. A clean mirror will open up the space and make everything look brighter.

Make sure you have enough supplies for your guests. Replace the toilet paper, hang up fresh towels, and make sure there is enough soap in your dispenser. You may also want to consider adding a candle or air freshener to this space.

Our Simplified Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your house can feel overwhelming at first, but if you have a plan it is easier than you might think. Here is a quick checklist to summarize the previous points:

  • Remove debris from the yard, driveway, and sidewalk
  • Clean front door
  • Remove cobwebs from the porch
  • Declutter 
  • Vacuum entryway
  • Clean out entryway closet
  • Remove old food from the refrigerator
  • Wipe down refrigerator and other kitchen appliances
  • Clean counters
  • Clean stove
  • Empty trash
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Clean dishes and cutlery
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Dust wood surfaces
  • Wipe down TV
  • Scrub sink and toilet
  • Clean mirrors
  • Replace toilet paper
  • Hang up fresh towels

Once you have completed these tasks, then you are well on your way to hosting a fabulous event.

Consider Hiring Home Cleaners for Your Party

It is great if you have the time to follow this cleaning guide. But if not, then a professional cleaning company may be the way to go. Professional cleaners can take some of the stress off of your hands and allow you to get excited about your party.

If you are interested in hiring home cleaners, then check out our services page for more information.