Here’s a common scenario homeowners face.

You clean your home often. You make sure that counters are sparkling, the toilet is shining, and the floors are sleek. And they usually stay that way for a while.

But when it comes to dusting? That’s a different story.

Dust particles float and then they settle. Homeowners dust a surface and then realize dust has re-settled there moments later.

The bad news is that dust will always be with us. As long as we live, breathe, and own a home, we can expect to see layers of dust. The good news is that there are methods for decreasing the amount you deal with.

What is this unsightly thing all about? Keep reading to find out what it is and how to combat it.

What Are Dust Particles?

This is a tough question with an all-encompassing answer. According to a TIME magazine article, dust particles are a combination of many things. Here are some of them:

  • Food debris
  • Dead skin
  • Fabric fibers (from clothing, furniture, bedding)
  • Pet dander
  • Debris from smoking
  • Parts of insects
  • Tracked-in dirt and waste
  • In some cases, lead or arsenic

As you can see, the list includes a little bit of everything. Almost anything can leave behind a residue which will then collect as dust.

There are some houses that collect more than others. If you have a smoker in your home, the amount of ash debris will most likely increase. If you have a bunch of pets – you get the picture.

How Can You Get Rid of Them?

This depends on where it’s coming from. One-third of dust comes from inorganic particles, such as carpet fibers. The other two-thirds come from outside – soil and air particles that we carry in when we enter our homes.

So, how can you get rid of dust? By eliminating all your furniture and making everyone move out!

We’re kidding.

But the simple answer is that you can’t. But we have some great methods for reducing your dust bunny collection:

  • Toss the duster. Instead, wipe dusty spaces with a wet rag, which will cling to the dust and eliminate it better
  • Replace your air filters on a regular basis
  • Take measures to brush and groom your animals
  • Take shoes off at the entrance of your home
  • Clean your home from top to bottom. Start with the tops of fan blades, your fridge, etc., and work your way down to the floor
  • Clean bedding, furniture, and surfaces often
  • Hire a professional house cleaner

It’s worth the extra effort. Why?

Because an excess of dust particles can cause health problems. This is especially true for children or the elderly, as well as those with dust allergies.

Household dust can contain many harmful chemicals. Inhaling these leads to anything from hormonal disruption to cancer or reproductive issues. Even flame retardants are in the top 10 of chemicals found in dust.

Get That Dust Off Your Shoulder

We all hate dust particles. They’re ugly, unhealthy, and a nuisance.

The best thing you can do now is get to cleaning and consider having a professional come in to help. Here are the 5 areas of your home that need a cleaning most.