25 Point High Touch Sanitizing Service FREE UPGRADE

All cleanings are upgraded absolutely free through the end of April!

We will sanitize the following with our pH7Q Dual hospital grade disinfectant:

  • Sanitize Hand Rails
  • Equipment Controls (Electronics etc)
  • Cabinet & File Drawer Knobs / Handles
  • Chair Arms
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • Dresser knobs
  • Remotes
  • Door Knobs
  • Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Bathroom Counters
  • Bathroom Counter Items & dispensers
  • Toilet Inside & Out
  • Sanitize Faucet
  • Shower Fixtures
  • Sanitize bathroom counters
  • Cabinet Pulls
  • Sanitize Kitchen Counters
  • Sink Fixtures
  • Appliance Controls & Knobs
  • Sanitize Appliance Handles
  • Cabinet Pulls
  • Small Appliances (Coffee Pots, Etc)
  • Front door handle
  • Doorbell

We’re Here For You

Special Measures

I would like to share with you the procedures our company has implemented to help keep you (our clients) and our employees safe and well:

  • We will under no circumstance allow any employee that has any flu-like symptoms to come to work.
  • Allow technicians at least 6 feet of space.
  • We use a solo cleaning model. All our cleaning technicians travel separately in their own cars and take all the social distancing precautions.
  • All employees are currently working at their own option. We encourage anyone that is not comfortable working at this time to take time off and come back when they are comfortable.
  • Face covers will be worn upon client request.
  • Sanitize the following before entering and after exiting each home: Pole handles, vacuum handles, bottom of vacuum, caddie handle, bottom of the caddie, sides and bottoms of shoes or shoe covers
  • We will wear gloves while entering each home and sanitize front door knob and doorbell.
  • Cleaning technicians will wash their hands once in your home
  • Wash hands prior to leaving your home.
  • As always, the cleaning towels we use are clean, only used in your home, and are washed thoroughly before they are used again.
  • Cleaning technicians will carry our pH7Q Dual hospital grade disinfectant to sanitize all high touch areas in our 25 point checklist. All cleanings are upgraded absolutely free through the end of April!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us directly @ (623) 977-6725.