Life is busy and sometimes so hectic that before we realize, crazy odors have made their way to our homes! Nobody wants to have a smelly house but sometimes you don’t even know where to start so we’re giving you an easy guide to work this out.

Here are our tips to help you get rid of those stinky smells for a fresher smelling home!

1. Identify the Root Cause(s)

There can be a number of things contributing to the foul odor lingering in your home; hence, it’s important to identify each one in order to get rid of it. Some of these may include raw fish/poultry, dirty pets, rotten fruits/vegetables, burnt food, smelly socks/laundry, stinky trash, etc. Once you figure out where the smell is coming from, you can get your hands on fixing it!

2. Act Swiftly

The key to abolishing most bad odors in the home is by taking action in a timely fashion. For example, if you don’t take the trash out on time, it’s bound to stink up the place! This is particularly true when you tossed fish cleanings, rotten foods or wet garbage in your trash bin. In these cases, it’s advisable to use smaller garbage bags and take them out immediately. Too often homeowners use large trash bags and wait for them to fill up before taking the trash out; which can cause foul, lingering odors in the house. Similarly, you need to bathe your pets regularly (especially if they’ve been playing outside in the dirt), do laundry on time and tackle other smelly issues by acting swiftly.

3. Increase Ventilation

One reason why bad odors tend to linger inside your home is that there isn’t sufficient ventilation to disperse them. By opening up your windows and perhaps, the door, your home will get some fresh air in while allowing the bad air to go out. If it’s winter season keep the door open for just a few minutes, it will make a difference! It is also helpful to run the ceiling fans for 15-20 minutes while your windows and/or doors are open to help push out stale/smelly air.  Also, while cooking, it’s advisable to run the exhaust fan and keep the room ventilated so that the fumes don’t travel to other parts of your home.

4. Smelly Bathroom Solutions

Yes, your bathrooms get smelly from time to time, too. What’s more, because of its damp and humid conditions, the air in your bathroom can become very musty and stale. Here are some solutions to remove stale or foul-smelling air from your bathroom:

● If you don’t have a fan in the bathroom, install an exhaust fan; then run it for about 15 minutes.

● Keep the window and door open after bathing to allow it to dry up and counteract some of the humidity

● Hang bathroom fresheners close to the door and window to circulate a pleasant fragrance

● Use clip-on style toilet bowl fresheners to combat odors

● Clean your bathroom daily or every other day at least

● Have a disinfectant spray handy for people to use whenever it is needed.

Smelly indoors can be a thing of the past with these tips, the air you breathe in at home will be fresh and healthy but if you need a professional to help you get your house in shape, contact us! We will be happy to help put your home’s best face (and smell) on!