The average person spends around 20 hours per week cleaning and maintaining their home.

If you’re tired of feeling like keeping your house in order is a part-time job, then you’ll love these speed cleaning tips. These are designed to help you spend as little time as possible while leaving your home sparkling like you spent all day on it.

Keep reading to learn how to clean faster so you can spend your time how you want rather than on cleaning your house.

Before You Get Started

There are a couple of things you need to do to set yourself up for success before you grab the broom.

First of all, you need to start with a home that’s been deep cleaned. That way, you’re simply maintaining the existing level of clean. Having a professional house cleaning means you won’t have to spend a minute getting your house to this point.

Once your house is ready to be maintained, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your cleaning tools gathered in one place so it’s easy to grab your cleaning bucket and move through the house.

Now you’re ready to jump into speed cleaning your home.

Speed Cleaning Tips

Let’s get into our favorite five tips for speed cleaning any home.

1. Start at the Top

If you start with the floors, you’re bound to knock dust and other debris down as you clean which will mean having to go back and do the floors again.

Instead, start at the top of the room and don’t worry about what falls to the floor since you’ll be vacuuming or sweeping it all up at the end.

2. Bring an Empty Laundry Basket With You

As you clean, throw misplaced items into an empty laundry basket. Then, be sure to return them to their proper rooms as you go. This makes it far easier to keep clutter from building up.

3. Batch Tasks

Rather than doing one room at a time, consider dusting the whole house, wiping down all surfaces, and then sweeping and vacuuming all the floors.

This eliminates the time you spend switching between tasks and cleaning supplies in each room.

4. Get Universal Cleaners

Rather than have a separate chemical for each type of surface, look for cleaners that are safe for different types of surfaces so you only have to carry around one bottle and cloth with you.

5. Put on Music

Upbeat music will encourage you to work faster and can make the act of cleaning far more enjoyable. Just don’t pick something you’ll want to dance to!

You can also challenge yourself to complete certain tasks by the end of a song which will motivate you to keep cleaning as quickly as possible.

Want More Cleaning Tips?

Now you have our top five-speed cleaning tips that can help you get your household work done as quickly as possible. As you can see, it’s all about being focused and having highly-effective techniques in place.

If you want more tips that will help you keep your house clean all year round, check out our list of summer cleaning tips. There, you’ll find some great ways to enjoy your summer while maintaining a spotless home.