Cleaning is not for everyone. However, it is one of those things that must be done. One thing that can ease the process is having a complete list of cleaning equipment and materials needed to help you clean your home.  However, if you are pressed for time and just can’t seem to clean it all, there are trusted house cleaning services that you can call to help you maintain a clean home or office.

First, let’s see what is needed for you to clean it yourself.   We will start with the proper cleaning equipment.  These are things you must have to clean, although a few are just optional because they make the job a little easier. Then we will list a few cleansers that are safe to use for homes with children and pets.  Some of those ingredients are found in your kitchen cupboards!

1.  Dusters

You must have the right tools for dusting.  Dust settles everywhere so some of those places actually require special dusting tools.  Here is a quick reference list for you:

● Microfiber cloth

This is used for general dusting and polishing those bedroom dressers, end tables, shelves, and bookcases in the house.  They attract the dust so it sticks to the cloth and they are washable.

● Feather Duster or Microfiber Brush for Dusting

To safely and quickly dust those items on display

● Fan Duster

This is a must if you have ceiling fans.  These brushes are made to wrap around those blades and get the dust off so it does not spread around the room when the fan is turned on.

● Dust Mop

This is a nice tool for reaching under the bed and dressers if you don’t have carpeting in those areas.  While it is not one of those “‘must-have” tools, it does make getting those dust balls out from under the furniture much easier than wrapping a towel over a broom.

2.  Brushes

Proper cleaning requires a variety of brushes to do the job for us.

● Toilet brush

This brush is shaped to clean the insides of a toilet.

● Dish brush

This is another optional tool.  Some people love them and others hate them. Dish brushes usually have a handle that allows you to put your dish detergent in it.  There are 2 types of dish brushes, one has bristles that are fairly firm and may scratch the plates and pans, so you need to be careful what it is used to clean.  The other has a sponge head so it can be used to clean any of your dishwares.

● Bottle brush

While baby bottles may be a thing of the past, a good bottle brush really helps when cleaning those narrow glasses that are used for formal dinners or parties.

● Scrub Brush

This is not an option.  You will need one or two scrub brushes for your home cleaning tasks. They come in a variety of styles so choose a small one for scrubbing things like small stains and a larger one for bigger jobs.

● Toothbrush – or you can even use any old, retired toothbrush.

It may be small, but it will reach into those nicks and crannies where other cleaning tools cannot.  This is good for cleaning the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

3.  Sponges

You need a variety of sponges for cleaning. Here are some of the types of sponges that you should have at home.

● Abrasive Sponge

These are cellulose sponge with abrasive material on the other side. This type of sponge is great for cleaning your grill or on some pots and pans.

● Cellulose Sponge

This is the soft side of your abrasive sponge. It can be used to clean your tiles, kitchen top, or sink. You can also use it to scrape food off the plates or pans.

● Natural Sponge or Soft Sponge

These are absorbent sponges which are great for cleaning windows, doors, mirrors, or mopping up a spill. The Natural sponges are more expensive than the others because they are sea harvested.

4. Brooms

There are quite a few different brooms and sweepers available to use.  Some are optional there are few you must have for cleaning.  Here is a list for you to refer to:

● Soft Brooms

These are fan-shaped brooms which are often used to sweep indoor floor surfaces.  This type of broom is not an optional one, you must have it on hand.

● Hard Broom

It is used to clean and remove the dirt from crevices as it’s bristling are long and thin.

● Push Broom

This is a standard workshop broom.  It can also be used to clean areas outside your home, like the sidewalks or porch.  It is also used for sweeping the garage and the basement.  This type of broom is an optional one, since some people may prefer to use a leaf blower for the outside cleaning tasks instead of a push broom.

● Hand Broom

The name suggests it’s a broom as small as your hand which is used to clean tables and countertops.  This is needed.  It will come in handy for craft cleanups and getting the dry messes off the table or counter.

5. Carpet Sweeper (not a broom)

This cleans the carpet as you push it on the surface. The brush rollers catch the dirt on the carpet and trap it in its own removable container.  It’s a convenient way to clean under furniture as you only need to push it beneath without bending.  There are battery operated sweepers, small round sweepers that go all around the room, and handheld sweepers.

6.  Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is also one of the must-have home cleaners. Here are some of the different types of vacuum cleaners to select from:

● Upright Vacuum

It has a powerful suction and can be tilted. You can also choose to use a bag or bagless style for cleaning. Some of these are made for cleaning all floors, carpeted, tiled, or hardwood.  Many may have attachments for cleaning drapes or reaching into small spaces.

● Canister Vacuum

It has a tank-canister that collects the dirt.  It usually has a bag and a long pole with a hose attached to a small brush like sweeper for the vacuum.  Canister Vacuums are usually more expensive than the upright vacuums, but they all have special attachments for other cleaning tasks, like drapes, blinds, and those hot air vents.

● Handheld Vacuum

This is a small vacuum designed to clean crumbs, car interiors, corners, and other hard-to-reach spaces. It’s also lightweight and portable.  Usually, these are charged by plugging into an outlet, but some may be considered attachments for the other vacuums.

7. Cleaners from your cabinet

● Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent odor-absorber especially when you’re cleaning your carpet. Just sprinkle it over the carpet and vacuum.  For more information on using baking soda for cleaning click here.

● Vinegar

Plain white vinegar is a fantastic natural cleanser.  It is good for so many different things, here’s one way to use it; for cleaning mirrors or windows mix one part distilled white vinegar with two parts of water, put it into a spray bottle and wash away.  Apple Cider Vinegar is not recommended for household cleaning because it can cause stains.

8.  Dishwashing liquid 

It’s not just for washing dishes by hand anymore.  You can use dishwashing soap for quite a few other cleaning tasks too.  For cleaning your floors just use 2 tablespoons of dish soap in a bucket of water, then mop those floors!

9.  Sanitizers and Room Fresheners

There are a few different methods for sanitizing and freshening rooms.  There are sprays with and without scents  that are made to remove germs from the air.   Plug in air fresheners are also available with scents.  If you like the essential oils, there are a variety of dispensers to select from so you can fill the air with your favorite oil.   Candles and things like cinnamon sticks also help to freshen a room.

These are just some of the must-have cleaning items for your home or office. You don’t have to purchase everything all at once.  All in all, use this list as a guide when selecting  your cleaning items.

However, if you don’t enjoy cleaning or maybe you just  need help, you can count on us!  We can help you with your cleaning needs, whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday cleaning.  Just call us, Dirt Busters House Cleaning, Arizona’s top maid service provider, for a quote today!