Pets come with all the wet nose kisses, the funny antics, and, unfortunately, a significant amount of mess. They make great companions, but as far as helping keep your home clean, they’re more like busy toddlers.

Don’t banish Rover to the backyard before you read today’s post! You can have a clean house and your furry companions.

Take a minute and read our tips for house cleaning with pets.

1. Banish Pet Hair Forever

Of course, you can’t completely rid your home of pet hair, but you can control how much of it hangs around on your floors and furniture.

Your vacuum is your best weapon against pet fur on rugs and upholstery. Buy the best vacuum cleaner you can afford. It’s also a great idea to buy a hand vacuum — make sure you select one with a beater bar attachment.

When you vacuum, don’t use the straight-line technique, instead, move the move vacuum in multiple directions. A rubber rake works great to grab those stray hairs the vacuum missed. If you have low-pile carpets, use a squeegee.

Keep lint brushes handy. While they’re designed for clothing, they also remove pet hair from upholstery. Using a lint brush on your clothing before you sit down on the sofa helps too!

2. Don’t Let Stains Sink In

It’s a given, if you have pets, they’ll have their share of accidents. Whether it’s mud from outside or a potty accident, be prepared to fight the stains.

The key to avoiding pet stains is dealing with them as soon as possible. Pet urine doesn’t only leave an odor on carpets, it can permanently damage the color.

First, blot urine stains with a clean, white rag. Mix a solution of 1 cup lukewarm water with ¼ teaspoon clear dishwashing liquid. Dampen a clean, dry towel with the solution and blot the stain again.

Using a separate towel dampened with only lukewarm water, blot the area. Alternate between the soapy and the damp towels until the stain disappears.

3. Should You Buy Pet Perfume?

Most pet stores carry pet perfume, but should your pet wear it? Sure, if your pet loves smelling good, go for it! As far as your home goes, we recommend opening the windows and letting the fresh air inside.

Baking soda also makes an excellent odor fighter. Shake it over your carpets and area rugs before you vacuum.

To fight odors in your pet’s bed, clothing, and toys, use vinegar in the wash.

For stubborn odors, you may need to call a professional cleaning team.

4. Change Your Air Filters

This may sound like an odd tip for keeping your pet-friendly home clean, but keep in mind what the air filter does in the first place. It traps debris, including pet hair and dander.

Changing your air filter frequently helps keep excess pet hair out of the air in your home. This should help minimize the hair on your furniture.

Need More Advice on House Cleaning with Pets?

We hope our tips helped you come up with a few ways to make house cleaning with pets easier.

If you need more advice or would like to schedule a cleaning, contact our team today and get an instant quote!