Did you know that your nose has the ability to detect more than a trillion smells? It’s true! This is all thanks to the nearly 10 million smell receptors housed inside your sniffer!

This means you get to experience all the amazing smells that life has to offer: coffee, freshly cut grass, your grandma’s perfume – the list goes on and on. However, it also means you often experience some not-so-pleasant aromas.

While some unpleasant smells are unavoidable, when you discover your house smells, chances are you want to find the cause and eliminate it right away. While a professional house cleaning service can help with odors, there are others that may have a more specific cause that needs to be addressed.

Getting to know some of the most common causes of household smells and how to get rid of them can help. Keep reading to find out this important information.

A Musty or “Wet Cardboard” Odor

Have you recently noticed an odor that seems musty or similar to what wet cardboard would smell like? You may even refer to this odor as “old house smell.” In either case, the most common cause of this problem (especially if you have an older home) is mold.

There are some toxic types of mold, so it’s important to address this issue. The good news is, the majority of household mold issues are in an area under 10 square feet. This may make it possible for you to handle the situation on your own.

However, before getting down to work, you need to determine what’s causing the mold. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Condensation on window frames
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Poor ventilation in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Gutter problems

If the mold is non-toxic, soap and water can fix the issue. You can also use vinegar and bleach. However, for toxic mold, it’s best to call the pros. They can remove the issue safely.

A Rotten Egg Odor

If you notice a smell similar to rotten eggs, then this is hydrogen sulfide coming out of your main sewer line. This typically occurs because the U-shaped trap in one of your home’s rains has dried up.

To test this theory, pour peppermint oil (just a little) down your drain and turn on the hot water. If you smell peppermint in some other part of your house, it means a bad trap. A plumber can quickly fix this issue and ensure the smell is eliminated.

A Fishy Odor

If you have ruled out this smell is caused by, well, fish, then the issue is likely a burning electrical component. Electrical wires, shielding, and other plastic components often make a “urine” or “fish” smell if they are exposed to high amounts of heat.

For fishy smells, go around your house and look for any outlets or other electrical components that appear to be melting or burning. Make sure that plastic and other items that may burn are far away from heat sources.

If you are unable to find the issue but the smell persists, it may be a good idea to call an electrician for help.

House Smells: You Don’t Have to Live with Them

There’s no reason that you just have to live with bad house smells. There’s a reason they are there, which means you can take steps to get rid of them.

Another great way to make sure your home remains odor-free is by hiring professional cleaning services. After all, many people struggle to keep their house clean. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time. Why not let the professionals handle it for you?

When you do, you can say goodbye to bad odors for good.