While organizing methods ask you to think about whether you’ve used an item recently or whether you plan on using it soon, Marie Kondo wants you to answer just one question when it comes to any of your stuff at home:

Does it bring you joy?

If you answer yes, you can keep it. If you hesitate or say no, you can donate it or throw it out. It’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it’s something that’s natural. If you feel joy or if you don’t feel joy—there’s no need to make it more complicated than that.

Here are five life-changing benefits you’ll learn from the Konmari method:

1. Joy is simple yet powerful

Marie Kondo’s idea of decluttering is per item not per room. She will ask you to put all of your clothes on your bed. Then hold one piece and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If you hesitate, you can either donate or sell it.

This konmari method order of tidying up can help you get rid of things that you don’t need. Joy is a simple filter we can apply to a lot of things, beyond clothes! We know it when we feel it, it’s loud and vibrant.

2. Dealing with sense of regret

We all know that sometimes, giving up clothes that mean a lot to us can be difficult. Perhaps it brought you comfort when you bought it and made you think of ways on how to wear it. She says that it has given you joy at some point and now it has served its purpose.

That’s how you deal with the sense of regret and put them in the donation pile without feeling guilty. It indeed is life-changing as you learn about yourself, what you genuinely love and possibly discover what you truly want to do with your life.

3. Developing a sense of personal taste

As a result of the Konmari method, your sense of taste is much more significant.  You are more aware of your likes and dislikes.  When making a purchase, you put a lot of thought into the item.  You can quickly determine if this is an item is needed, or if it is something that you probably won’t use.

The result is no more impulsive buying!  Getting rid of clothes and other stuff that you held onto but you would never wear critical in developing your style!  After using the Konmari method, your wardrobe will be a reflection of a personal taste.

4. A smoother start to your day

Ridding your house of things that no longer bring you joy leaves you with a home that makes you happy. A wardrobe that makes you happy makes choosing something to wear is a much more pleasant experience.

Rather than looking through piles of stuff, each thing is what it should be. This method can make your day smooth, which means less cranky mornings. Everybody wins!

5. It’s not about what others think

Positive emotions from others are always vital and somehow flattering. But you have to feel joy from whatever you’re wearing , what you’re eating or what you’re doing with your life. Always keep in mind that: their happiness is not a substitute for your own.

Does it really bring you joy?

A simple yet powerful question to ask yourself about everything in your life, beyond mere clothes, books, and others. The Konmari method before and after can inspire you to make this question a constant part of your life.

We hope these benefits can help be surrounded by things that make you happy and not have clutter all over your house. To make yourself happy whenever you’re home,  you can always hire a trusted house cleaning service to help you with you decluttering needs. This will bring you joy in no time!