Dirty mirrors are unsightly, but streaky ones look just as bad! Sometimes it seems no matter how often you clean your mirrors, the streaks are here to stay.

You don’t have to put up with it any longer. By learning some new techniques, you can have clear, streak-free mirrors in no time. Plus, it cleans up any haze or lingering film your mirrors may be hanging onto.

To put the sparkle back in your mirrors, let’s look at how to clean mirrors the streak-free way.

DO: Spot Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

Before you clean the entire mirror, inspect it for any noticeable dirty spots. This could be areas of hairspray, makeup, or toothpaste splatter.

If you find any, apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and rub each spot off one by one. This will prevent grease smears or other substances from streaking across your mirror.

Remember to work quickly since rubbing alcohol dries fast. If not, you’ll have to re-apply more alcohol to the cotton swab each time.

DON’T: Use a Paper Towel

When learning how to clean mirrors, most people get taught with a paper towel. What they don’t realize is that paper towels leave behind small pieces of residue, making the mirror look dusty.

Instead, always use a clean, dry flat weave microfiber cloth. The microfiber acts as a magnet for dirt. Dust and dirt get caught in the tiny fibers and won’t get redistributed back onto the mirror.

Microfiber is also great at wicking away moisture from the mirror’s surface. This plays a huge role in keeping your mirrors streak-free.

DO: Use Vinegar and Water

You can use a cleaner formulated for glass, but many swear by the benefits of vinegar for streak-free mirrors. Plus, making your own vinegar and water solution at home is cheap and easy to do.

First, grab a clean empty spray bottle. Next, add equal parts vinegar and water, making sure to mix well. Don’t forget to label the spray bottle when you’re finished!

DON’T: Soak the Mirror in Cleaner

Another common mistake is for people to over-spray cleaner onto the mirror. This not only causes drips, but it also creates more work for you!

Always remember less is more when it comes to a streak-free shine.

Instead of over-doing it, apply an even mist onto your mirror. The glass should have a light layer of solution over its entire surface.

DO: Use One Swift Motion Across the Mirror

Motion matters when learning how to clean mirrors. In place of using circular or short strokes, use one swift motion all the way across the mirror.

Start on the top left corner and drag across to the right corner in one motion. Continue to zig-zag down your mirror, folding your cloth to use a dry, clean area when the fabric starts to get damp.

Having a dry cloth is key to keeping mirrors streak-free!

See Things Clearly by Learning How to Clean Mirrors

Make streaks a thing of the past. By using these tips on how to clean mirrors, you will add back the crystal-clear sparkle your mirrors deserve.

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