Your bedroom is your private space to relax and spend time alone. If you feel that your bedroom needs some improvement, we’re here to help with some awesome tips on how to clean your bedroom so that your space can be everything you wish.

Keep reading for these cleaning tips that can help you get more sleep and relaxation time.

1. Declutter Your Room, Declutter Your Mind

If you have any areas of clutter in your room, get rid of them. While taking care of clutter is a good idea in every area of your home, it’s especially important to remember to declutter in the bedroom. Making your space more minimal allows your mind to be clearer, as it’s easier to find things when you have less laying around.

Clutter spots may also be spots where dust and other bacterias compile without you even realizing it. Getting rid of those clutter piles in the bedroom is the first step to deep cleaning the bedroom.

2. Incorporate Regular Dustings

Dusting regularly is an easy way to keep your room in good condition. Dust is one of the leading causes of allergies, so make sure you’re getting healthy sleep by making sure your bedroom has clean air.

Dust compiles quickly and is not always visible, so making dusting a weekly habit in the bedroom is best. Make sure your not only dusting countertops and are also hitting furniture, like your lounge chair. Use your vacuum hose to dust fabrics and other more difficult surfaces.

3. Use Safe Cleaners

Using safe cleaners in the bedroom is another way to make sure your personal space is a safe one. Ditch store-bought cleaners which are packed with hazardous chemicals, and consider buying green products or making your own at home.

There are super easy DIY cleaning products that you can try making today. Knowing that the products you’re using in your home are safe will keep you healthier and help you to sleep easy.

4. Regular Sheet Washing

While this one may seem obvious, it can sometimes be hard to remember to change your sheets when you have a hectic schedule. However, regularly washing your sheets is a must for a clean sleep area.

While we sleep, we shed skin cells, moistures, and oils, so washing your sheets and pillowcases weekly is a smart way to make sure your bed is a clean one.

5. Keep Pets Out

While it may be tempting to invite your furry friend into your bed for cuddles, it’s a sure way to invite allergens into your bed as well. Pets have dander, a leading cause of allergies, and they also pick up many bacterias outside.

If you have an attached pet, consider getting them their own bed that you can put near yours.

How to Clean Your Bedroom for a Happy and Healthy You

Next time you’re cleaning up around the house, keep these tips on how to clean your bedroom in mind for the best results.

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