A recent study found that Americans are cleaning their living rooms six times every month, and their bedrooms five times each month.

While clearing away the dishes and picking up toys are tasks that most of us feel obligated to perform daily, a thorough dusting and scouring of those hard-to-reach places is something that we may only approach on the weekends.

For many parents and pet-owners, the discovery of a carpet stain is more than an annoyance. The discoloration and odor on your favorite floor-covering may have you worried that you will need to cut part of it away or replace the whole thing.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to clear up blemishes using only a supermarket-brand carpet stain remover. Erasing these five common stains is almost as simple as making them.

1. Wine Stains

Entertaining makes your home feel  warm, full, and sophisticated. It is also a prime opportunity for guests to drop their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in your most formal spaces.

Wine is water-soluble, so it is not as difficult to clean up as people think. Before using a carpet stain remover, be sure to blot up any liquid with a cloth or paper towel. It is important to blot the floor rather than scrub it, as pressing down could cause the liquid to penetrate carpet fibers or soak through your carpet pad.

Next, dampen a towel with cold water and use it to blot up as much of the remaining liquid as you can.

Before using a carpet stain remover, “spot test” it in non-visible place, such as under a couch or chair. If you let it sit for five minutes and their is no change to your carpet color, it is safe to use on the stain.

Finally, coat your stain with carpet stain remover and let it sit for five minutes. Blot it with a cold, damp cloth or paper towel. You may have to repeat the process several times before the stain vanishes completely.

2. Coffee Stains

Before using your cleaning product, blot the coffee stain as much as you can with a cloth or paper towel. Be sure to change your towel often as you don’t want to press more liquid back into the stain.

Next, use a cloth and cold water to absorb more of the liquid.

Coffee is special-water soluble, so it can be cleaned with a solution of ammonia and water, although this mixture cannot be used on a wool or wool-blend carpet. Use your solution or store-bought cleaner to spray the stain completely.

Let the cleansing product sit for a few minutes before you blot it up and repeat the process as many times as necessary.

3. Pet Urine

Pets are loyal and fun, but they can also be a little free-wheeling with their business.

When faced with a pet urine stain, begin by blotting the area with a color-safe towel. You do not want to use anything with a color that could rub off on your carpet.

Next, cover the stain with your favorite cleaner and keep wiping it away until it has disappeared.

To get rid of pet odor, sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes before vacuuming it up.

4. Vomit

Those with kids or pets know how unpleasant it can be to find vomit in surprising places. Use a fork or spoon first to remove anything that is solid. Moisten anything that has dried up to help loosen it away.

Clean the area first with cold water. Then apply your stain remover as many times as necessary.

5. Ink

Washable ink is water soluble, but standard ink is not. Dampen a cloth first and don’t scrub as you could cause the stain to spread.  

Use a patch test before applying your stain remover.

Trust Your Carpet Stain Remover

With a little patience and creativity, stubborn stains like coffee, pet stains, and ink can be removed with standard carpet stain remover.

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