Jumpstart your New Year with a clean, spotless home! With the holidays that have passed, there’s a lot to handle, right? From taking down the decorations and cleaning up holiday clutter, there could be a chance that you may forget a task and leave something uncleaned.

But there’s nothing to worry about anymore! This is your official guide to making your own New Year Cleaning checklist!

Daily cleaning

You can spend a half hour or more just doing chores around your home. These basic tasks might be simple but can have a significant impact on how your home feels and looks.

• Make the bed. Keep in mind that tidiness begets tidiness. Once you enter your room, the bed is probably the first thing that catches your attention. A nicely made bed makes your room seem orderly, which means that you won’t let anything else such as clothes and paper lie around it.

• Do the dishes once a day at the very least. If you can’t spare the time to wash them all, you can at least scrape excess food off and rinse them immediately afterwards so the food won’t stick. Possibly, throw a load in the dishwasher once a day.

• Clean up. Keeping things neat controls clutter. Make time to walk through each room in your house and put things back where they belong.

• Clean as you cook. Rather than letting your pots and pans pile up in the sink after cooking, wash them right away or put them in the dishwasher.

• Sort the mail. Spare a few minutes to open, read and sort the mail as soon as you take it inside. You can keep a trash bin near your sorting area for junk mail. You can also make categories for each letter like personal correspondence, bills, filing, and catalogs.

• Wipe up spills while they are fresh. Whether it’s tomato sauce on the countertop or makeup on the bathroom sink, almost anything is easier to remove if done right away.

Weekly cleaning

There are some chores not requiring daily care and cleaning. Pick one day in the week to handle these tasks and divide them up so that you only need to do a little each day.

• Clean windows and mirrors.

• Mop the floor.

• Empty out the trash in bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms.

• Scrub and spray down the sink, toilet, and tub in the bathroom.

• Wipe down cobwebs and dust furniture.

• Clean out the microwave, empty the crumb tray in the toaster and wipe down appliances in the kitchen.  Scrub the sink and wash the counters, too.

• Change bed sheets and fluff the pillows and comforters.

• Vacuum the carpeting and the vents.

Monthly cleaning

Chores done on the first day of each month are also essential but easy to forget. Stick to this checklist, and you won’t fall behind. Do these tasks for at least a month for optimal cleanliness, Just pick a week and a day for each of these tasks so that every month it is the same week and day, like the Tuesday of the second week in the month.

• Clean outside windows. (in warm weather, of course)

• Move furniture and vacuum under it.

• Dust blinds, lighting fixtures, and lampshades and shelves.

• Deodorize and disinfect all the garbage cans and recycling bins. Consider putting a bag in those trash cans so they will not get so dirty.

• Wipe down and deep clean your home appliances.

Give your new year a fresh start by creating a cleaning routine using this checklist as a guide to get you through the year! If you need help, call in the cleaning professionals. And remember, you deserve a clean, sparkling home every day!