Did you know that the value of the window washing industry in the US is approximately $40 billion each year? One reason for this is that people know that clean windows reflect well on the house and its owner.

You no doubt want to have a house that is clean and attractive for you and your guests. But how can you learn how to wash windows like a pro? Check out our professional guide to washing your home windows.

1. Use the Right Materials

While there may be many materials available for window cleaning, the old saying is true that “you get what you pay for”. Avoid the cheaper plastic cleaning materials If possible, select hard-wearing materials such as squeegees made from steel.

Many professional chemicals are available that promise to make your windows shine. However, one simple solution available in every house is vinegar. A simple DIY solution made of one part white vinegar to two parts tap water is very effective.

Using these tools in combination with good quality microfibre cloths will make your windows look as good as new.

2. Avoid Damaging the Windows

Sometimes there is the temptation to use harsh materials on windows to remove stubborn stains. It can seem simpler and quicker to use harsh scouring pads or steel wool, even blades.

While they make the work pass more quickly you may be left with scratches and discoloration of frames that are difficult or impossible to reverse.

3. Remove Stubborn Stains

So how do you clean those hard-to-remove stains? This depends on the deposit on the glass. If it is general dirt or bird-droppings, it may be sufficient to soak it in water and vinegar for a few minutes.

If the deposit is oil-based, a standard dishwashing detergent may shift it. If the stain is mineral-based, such as lime, a stronger commercial chemical may be needed.

4. Protect the Window Area

What good are clean windows if the area surrounding the windows is stained by stray dirty water or worse damaged!

Avoid this by removing all ornaments from the window area, and covering the areas below the window with towels before starting. You may also want to move any fabric that is has a light color and could be stained. This is also a good opportunity to remove dust from the window surrounds.

Be very careful when using ladders inside or outside. Do not lean the window against surfaces that are not well reinforced or against the windows themselves. As a general rule, it is good to have a second person close by, or at least inform a second person that you will be working at height.

Learn How to Wash Windows like a Pro and Get a Better Reputation in the Neighborhood

Windows tell a lot about the owner of a house. Very dirty windows can prevent light from entering the rooms and cause the entire house to be dark. If you want to have windows that make your house look good, why not consider a professional cleaning company?

We are a qualified and experienced cleaning company with a solid track record of improving the beauty of houses.

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