You shouldn’t have to worry about throwing your back out while giving your home a deep cleaning. Unfortunately, dirt builds up everywhere, especially in hard to reach places.

Before you start climbing on countertops or standing on furniture, stop and consider other options. There are plenty of ways to make the process easier.

Simply by using the right cleaning tools and taking a more logical approach, you can access dirt and grime without too much effort. Let’s go over a few techniques.

Kitchen Cabinets

It’s easy to forget about the tops of your kitchen cabinets. However, they provide the perfect sanctuary for dust and debris. You’ll need to give these a thorough cleaning several times a year.

If you have decorative items on top of your cabinets, you’ll need to take these down and clean them first. Use a small step ladder to do this.

Then, invest in an extendable duster. This affordable tool allows you to access every inch of the cabinet tops.

Use a microfiber cloth on the end of the duster. These are reusable and will come in handy for other cleaning jobs.

Harness the Power of Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you only use your vacuum cleaner on floors, you’re not taking advantage of its full potential. Utilize the hose and attachments to reach tricky spots.

This works well for the small spaces at the bottom of sliding glass doors and window sills. If you’re dealing with serious buildup, use the brush attachment to loosen dirt and grime.

The vacuum hose is also great for areas behind and under furniture. No more moving couches and tables in order to vacuum up dust and pet dander. 

In the Bathroom

Your bathroom is home to a wide variety of germs. If not cleaned properly, some of these germs can lead to health conditions such as staph infections and athlete’s foot.

Cleaning behind your toilet is both gross and hard to accomplish. Make the process easier by using a brush with a long handle.

Remember to brush the area while it’s dry before use disinfectant. This will help get rid of loose dirt and debris.

You should also clean your showerhead from time to time. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and baking soda and tie it to the shower head, ensuring the head is submerged in the solution. This will help break down mineral deposits that build up over time.

HVAC Vents

If your HVAC vents are coated in dust, there’s a good chance the air quality in your home contains¬†dirt and allergens as well.

The best way to clean these is to remove them altogether. Don’t struggle on your hands and knees to manually clean them.

After removing them, simply wipe them down and soak them in warm water and soap. If they’re in bad shape, consider spraying them down with the garden hose.

Don’t Let Hard to Reach Places Defeat You ¬†

A proper deep cleaning involves tackling unseen places as well. Unfortunately, this task tends to cause headaches.

Use these tips for cleaning hard to reach places and make the process much easier on yourself.

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