You wake up and there’s no alarm to be heard. Ah, it’s the weekend. And you can finally relax. 

The sun is shining its natural light through your opened window. And you can hear nature’s alarm clock that replaced yours this morning. The birds are chirping as they playfully flutter.

Oh, no! It hits you in a sudden moment. You have company coming over today!

Your house needs cleaning, and it needs it now! And did I mention it needs to be done fast?

Stop in your tracks! All that running in circles and working up a sweat won’t get you anywhere. Take a deep breath.

You might be worried about getting a clean house right now, but we’re here to help you. Read on to learn some awesome house cleaning hacks that you’ll impress yourself with.

Build And Initiate A Plan 

Organization is key. Put together a plan of how you’re going to tackle the mess. Creating a house cleaning checklist is a great start.

You can also keep the checklist around. It helps to keep yourself and the family on track. Once you have a checklist made, you’ll know what to do.

A checklist will keep you on task. And it’ll prevent you from forgetting something. Go down the checklist and conquer each task one by one.

Clean From Top To Bottom

The best way to clean anything is from top to bottom. But before you start wiping down counters, think about what chores you can multi-task. If there’s a load of clothes that needs washing, then do that first.

This way, you can clean other areas of the house while you wait. The same goes for washing dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then load the dishes in first as well. 

The dishes can run their cycle while you get down to business. Now you can start at the top. Counters or anything up high that needs wiping or dusting do first. 

If any dust or crumbs fall to the floor, then no worries! You’ll clean it up next. But what you don’t want to do is start with the floors and then need to vacuum or sweep them again.

Set A Schedule

Make it a game. Take how much time you have and divide it up between how many rooms you need to clean. It’s okay if some rooms need more cleaning than others.

The kitchen is usually the dirtiest room in a home. So, you might need more time set on cleaning the kitchen. Divide it how it seems appropriate to you.

You can set a timer on your phone. It will help you realize your speed. And you’ll know if you need to pick up the pace.

A Clean House in No Time

Don’t panic if unexpected company is on their way. Follow these quick cleaning hacks and you’ll have a clean house in no time! You’ll impress your company with your cleanliness.

And you’ll impress your family with your skills. Plus, don’t be shy when it comes to sharing knowledge. Let your family in on the secret so they’ll know how to clean too.

So, how clean is your house?  For those days when a deep cleaning is a must, contact a quality house cleaning service. And receive an instant quote!