Since the time we were old enough to waddle around our rooms, our parents have been telling us to clean up after ourselves.

While under our parents’ roof, however, it just seemed super annoying and pointless. As adults, most of us clean as necessary, but don’t really go out of our way to make things perfect.

However, it might interest you to know that a clean home actually comes with many health benefits.

Keep reading to find out more!

1. Clutter Increases Anxiety

It’s been proven that mess causes stress. While we may not understand or recognize it at the time, living in a home full of clutter can actually affect us on a deeply psychological level.

Clutter keeps us constantly distracted. Between feelings of guilt for not cleaning up and continuously having our attention drawn to the mess, clutter prevents us from being able to relax. Additionally, it sends signals to our brain that work needs to be done, keeping us in a permanent stimulated state.

2. Floor Messes Attract Unwelcome Guests

A pile of laundry (clean or dirty) on the floor may seem innocent enough. However, they provide fantastic hiding places and temporary homes for all kinds of creepy crawlies.

If your laundry room is in the basement and you have a habit of allowing clothes piles to build up, we’re guessing you’ve seen your fair share of spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and more. If not, count yourself lucky.

This can be especially unwelcome in warmer states that are home to dangerous spiders such as brown recluses and hobo spiders. Keep a clean home, and keep the bugs out!

3. Hidden Moisture Causes Mold

One thing most people can agree on is that mold is bad. Not only is mold unsightly and stinky, but it can also be hazardous to your health and the health of your family!

High-risk areas for mold include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. However, if you have a water leak, mold can be anywhere. Keep a clean home and an eye out for water going where it’s not supposed to!

4. Clean Homes Mean Fewer Allergies

People with carpets often experience more allergy symptoms than those with hard floors such as wood and laminate. Carpet, by nature, is a huge trap for dirty, moisture, stains, and allergens.

As a homeowner with carpet, it’s vital to clean it regularly. This will keep allergy symptoms, including asthma, to a minimum.

5. Clean Floors Improves Safety

It’s important to keep a clean home as a general safety rule. The last thing you want to do is create a high-risk injury environment because you don’t put things away.

Imagine responding to the house alarm in the middle of the night and breaking your leg because you tripped over the TV tray you left out. More importantly, you need to consider the safety of your kids.

Need Help Keeping a Clean Home?

Having a messy home doesn’t make your a bad parent, homeowner, or human being. Some people just don’t have time in their busy schedules to set aside for cleaning. And that’s okay!

We offer deluxe cleaning services for people just like you! Contact us today to get a quote.