Are you currently planning visit Phoenix, Arizona but still stuck with a blank itinerary page? That with so many places to see and activities to try, you still can’t figure out where to go or which to do first. Yep, that can take quite some time to think about.

Well, don’t you worry because we got you covered!

Here the top six extraordinary things to do to top off your Phoenix, AZ itinerary!

#1. The Tovrea Castle

Has it been your dream since you were little to feel like royalty and live in a castle? Then the Tovrea Castle is your dream come true! Well, of course, you can’t stay there forever, but you can still visit and explore the palace.

It is one of the city’s most well-known structures, and it stands out because of its wedding cake shape sitting on top of a hill. It was initially built as a resort centerpiece and then a private residence until it became a park open for both locals and tourists!

#2. The Flame Fire Museum

Tame the fire in you by learning all about the history of firefighting! Visit the National Historical Fire Foundation–a museum preserving historic firefighting equipment. You can witness the evolution (from 1725-1969) of the firefighting tools used around the world.

Give honor and respect to the firefighters who sacrificed their lives to save other people in the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes which is integrated to the museum along with the Hall of Flame Fire Museum.

#3. Be amazed by an Aerial art structure.

If you have a thing for amazing things happening in thin air, then this breathtaking aerial art structure located in the Phoenix Civic Space Park, located in downtown Phoenix,  is for you! Called “Her Secret is Patience,” Janet Echelman was responsible for this 145-feet tall masterpiece comprised of polyester twine netting, galvanized steel, and colored lights.

During the day, the piece is designed to create “shadow drawings” inspired by Phoenix’s cloud shadows that captured Echelman on her first visit. At night, it is lit up with a kaleidoscope range of lively colors changing with the seasons. You can see it just by strolling along the park area.

#4. Hike in Camelback Mountain.

Want adventure? Then head to the valley’s version of Mount Everest–Camelback Mountain! It is 2,704 feet and resembles the shape that of a camel. Hence the name! The hike is strenuous, steep and rocky, and but a wonderful excursion for the whole family if you like to hike. You could try the Cholla Trail for an easier approach. It’s a bit longer but not as steep as some areas of the mountain.

#5. Pay a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden.

Ever wanted to see the desert but actually never wanted to go on one? Torn between the two, huh? No worries! You can always go to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix! It offers visitors the world’s best collection of arid desert plants in an outdoor setting.

The botanical garden has over 50,000 desert plants displayed through its five thematic trails illustrating conservation, desert living and wildflowers. Visit the Desert Botanical Garden now and enjoy special events, tours, seasonal exhibits, family activities, restaurants and more!

#6. Satisfy your nature’s curiosity.

Have you ever been in a taxidermy emporium–where you can find anything from a squid in a jar to a freeze-dried toad? Well if you haven’t and if you’re in Phoenix, you’re in luck! Pay a visit to Curious Nature now!

There is no better way of rewarding yourself for surviving the week than by going away for a trip alone or with your family! Check out the awesome things we have listed here to try when you go to Phoenix, Arizona!

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