In the latest Pixar blockbuster, Toy Story 4, Woody comes face to face with the enemy of all toys, dust bunnies. They are the harbinger of ending up in the yard sale box, which is the first clue that you are no longer your kids favorite toy!

But what are dust bunnies? What causes them? Why do these little dust particles get pulled together? How can you get rid of them?

Here, we tackle that. Read on for our best tips on tackling this cute but annoying household cleaning problem.

Where Do Dust Bunnies Come From?

Everything is made from dust. Dust bunnies (or dustbunnies) are an affectionate name for a gross phenomenon. This is our name for those small clumps of dust that form under furniture. You’ll find them in corners, window sills… basically anywhere that isn’t cleaned on a regular basis.

What are dust bunnies made of? Hair, lint, dead skin, spider webs, dust, and whatever else is lingering on your floor become balls of dirt. This ragtag group of ingredients becomes a bunny. Held together by static electricity, they appear in your home’s forgotten zones.

The most common spaces dust bunnies occupy are under the furniture. From couches to armoires, to under the bed, you’ll find them lurking. They also like linen closets and other storage spaces you don’t look at very often.

How to Get Rid of Dust Bunnies?

Calling them a dust bunny, or dust balls, doesn’t change the fact you want them gone. When it comes to getting rid of dust bunnies, there is one word that matters most: consistency.

The best way to get rid of these bunnies for good is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Make sure you plan out weekly and monthly cleaning schedules. Hit all the spaces in your home that these dusty carrot munchers live.

Floors are the most notorious spaces for dust bunnies. Pay attention when you do your floors. Make sure to go as far as you can underneath all the big furniture pieces. Pull everything away from the wall. Get underneath the couch and TV stand.

Address more hidden spaces at least once a month with your duster. Make sure to dust the high up shelves in your closets. The top of the fridge is also a bunny magnet. Also, clean the ceiling fans and get the clumps of dust and hair off those too.

Set Those Bunnies Out to Pasture for Good

Dust bunnies aren’t cute. They make a home look untidy when they roll out of their dark hiding spots. But if you follow a regular cleaning schedule, it’s possible to get rid of them for good. Using a good cleaner is also key to keeping them out.

Too busy for regular cleaning? Sick of household chores? We can help with that! Let our professional cleaning teams clear out all the dust bunnies and cobwebs. Get a quote today!