People are busy. In fact, they’re so busy that the average person has less than half an hour of free time per week! Between all the things going on in their life, it’s easy for things to get messy in their home.

After all, these household chores add up. There are always dishes to do, laundry to clean, and bathrooms to polish. When it becomes too overwhelming, these busy families will hire professional cleaners.

A great cleaning service will ease a significant amount of stress from an individual or family. They can focus on more pressing matters in their life while knowing their house is in good hands. If you’re interested in being part of a cleaning service but not sure what it might entail, then we got you covered.

What to Expect From Professional Cleaners

When you are hired as a housemaid, there’s a general idea of what the responsibilities might be. However, it’s important to gather as much information about what your duties will be so you go into the job with reasonable expectations. We’re gonna break down what to expect when you go in to clean someone’s home.

Of course, this is mainly the foundation. Different homeowners will want different things, some are more interested in a deep clean while others value quick cleaning. Either way, your cleaning services will be giving a family peace of mind which is something to take pride in.

Regular Cleaning

When you are part of a cleaning service, the company usually provides all of the cleaning products. Get familiar with everything you’ll be using, even the ingredients.

This is to ensure that you know the right tool for the job, so to speak. Customers are paying for a luxury service so anything subpar could cost the cleaning service business. You don’t want to use certain cleaning products on delicate material or anything with an ingredient the customer is allergic to.

Now you can start getting to work.

Sometimes it may be just you or it may be multiple maids. If it’s just you, you’ll have a lot more on your plate but when other house cleaners are involved then everyone can take on different tasks. Most regular cleaning jobs are on the lighter side, it’s what would normally be required for a weekly cleaning.

Here is a general list of what that means:

  • Taking out all the trash and replacing the trash bags
  • Making the beds
  • Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping all of the floors
  • Tidying up around the house
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – the toilet, sink, bathtub, mirror, etc
  • Cleaning the kitchen – counters, the appliances, etc

Sometimes, clients will only expect a light clean. They’ll communicate their needs as well as their expectation with the cleaning service so you know exactly what they’re paying for.

A regular clean won’t take a significant amount of time since it isn’t as thorough as a deep clean but it’s still important to surpass the customers’ expectations by making sure that the tasks that do need to be completed are done exceptionally. Even if it’s a regular clean, be sure to check everything when you’re done so you make sure that everything was cleaned thoroughly.

Deeper Clean

There will be times when you’ll be hired for a deep clean service. Deep cleaning the house is usually done every 6 months so maybe a client has reached that point or they might be having an important event. Regardless of the reason, this is more time consuming but it pays more.

The goal of deep cleaning is to remove the dirt and grime that builds up. This tends to hide in hard to reach places or the tricky areas that people don’t look at every day.

So in addition to performing all of the tasks for a regular clean, here are things you’ll need to do for a deep cleaning service:

  • Getting behind kitchen appliances like the oven or fridge and getting rid of all the grime build-up
  • Fully cleaning inside appliances like an oven, microwave, and maybe even cabinets
  • Deep scrub of the bathroom to remove any grime
  • Thoroughly cleaning underneath all sinks
  • Cleaning inside and outside all windows and their frames
  • A deep dusting of all corners of the house for cobwebs

This is only a small list of the additional tasks that customers who pay for deep cleaning are expecting. Remember that there may be some people who don’t want you cleaning their fridge or bedrooms. With that said, there might be people who will try to demand more from you than your services entail.

Deep cleans are also expected when someone is about to move in or move out of a home. This usually means cleaning things like the inside of a fridge or places that were hidden by furniture.

Different Than Housekeeping

What we mean by that is, there is a difference between a housekeeper and a house cleaner. As a housemaid, you are coming in for a cleaning service during specific time frames. You aren’t responsible for running errands for the family or taking care of their kids.

This distinction is important because even if there is overlap between the two, there are specific tasks that are more tailored to the other job.

Cleaning Service Expectations

When customers hire professional cleaners, they’re looking for the convenience and satisfaction of a sparkling home. If you’re interested in being part of a cleaning service, you’ll not only be making people happier but you’re providing a service that helps with the customer’s well-being.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to know what to expect when it comes to becoming a domestic maid. While you might have an idea, there’s more that goes into it than you may think. You’re already doing great work by learning what the job entails, now it’s all about getting things clean.

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