It’s a fact. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to. There are professionals out there who will do it for you.

But what can you expect from a professional bathroom cleaning service? Take a look below as we take you through a list of the major services offered by these saints of the cleaning world.

What’s Included in a Full Bathroom Cleaning Service?

A full, thorough and eco-friendly bathroom cleaning will cover all the important areas and appliances in your bathroom. When choosing a professional to clean your bathroom, make sure to do your research so you know what to look out for.

Clean the Bathtub and Shower

A professional will spray the bathtub and/or shower area with a cleaner, rinsed and wiped thoroughly. The bathtub and shower cleaning will also include the showerhead and bath faucets to ensure maximum shine.

Clean and Disinfect the Toilet

Although debunked, the myth that the toilet seat is the dirtiest thing in the bathroom is still prevalent. That doesn’t mean it should go without cleaning. A professional bathroom cleaner will ensure the toilet is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out.

Clean and Shine Bathroom Mirror

After spraying the glass with cleaner and leaving it to soak for a moment, the glass will then be cleaned and dried to give the mirror a streak-free shine.

Wash and Scrub the Sink

A professional will use a damp cloth and special cleaner to scrub and rinse the sink. Any areas of dried-on grime will be worked on more thoroughly to leave the sink spotless. A cleaner will also clean the faucets to complete the process.

Mop and/or Vacuum the Floor

According to Women’s Health Magazine, the dirtiest item in your bathroom is actually the floor. Quoting the research of Joan L. Slonczewski, Ph.D., a microbiologist, and professor of biology, they state that there could be up to a million bacteria per square centimeter on the floor.

A professional cleaning will include a thorough mopping and/or vacuuming of the bathroom floor.

Clean the Cabinets and Surfaces

Any cabinets will be emptied and the inside and outside cleaned thoroughly. This is done using a damp washcloth, working in the direction of the grain in the case of wooden cabinets. Surfaces such as countertops will be cleaned with a special cleaner and gently rinsed clean using a cloth.

Exposed grout in tiles will be cleaned with a toothbrush or similar tool to remove hardened or difficult to reach grime.

A Spotless Finish

If that hasn’t convinced you to use a professional bathroom cleaning service we don’t know what will. Take the time to scout out a well-reviewed professional who knows their way around their cleaning equipment. This will ensure that your bathroom looks as good as new.

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