Help and Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-05T08:00:24-07:00

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with your deluxe service?2018-06-04T07:21:10-07:00

THE BASICS – Done at every visit

Kitchen counter and sinks • Outside of appliances cleaned • Stove tops • Shower and tub scrubbed • Sinks, counters, and toilets • Clean mirrors • Carpeted floors vacuumed • Tile floors vacuumed and mopped • Furniture dusted and polished • Empty trash and replace liners • Clean sliding glass door • Clean inside microwave

THE DETAILS – Both lists completed the first visit, then alternating from there.


Blinds and window sills dusted • Pictures on wall dusted • Light fixtures dusted • Upholstered furniture in one area vacuumed • Carpet edges vacuumed


Cabinets doors cleaned • Ceiling fans dusted • Baseboards dusted • Remove cobwebs • Top of refrigerator wiped

What about supplies and equipment?2018-06-04T07:20:35-07:00

We bring everything we need to clean and get the job done. If you would like us to use one of your products, please contact the office. Client supplied products must be non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all surfaces.

What insurance coverage do you have?2018-06-04T07:20:09-07:00

We are bonded and have liability insurance coverage up to 2,000,000. We provide workers compensation and pay all employment taxes.

What additional services do you offer?2018-06-04T07:19:48-07:00

The following can be added through the booking form as additional services:

Interior windows, doors and door frames, wipe blinds, inside fridge, inside oven, inside cabinets, make bed(s), and move in/out.

How does the arrival window work?2018-06-04T07:19:12-07:00

Your cleaning professional will arrive sometime between 8am and 4:30pm. We offer to contact the day before if you would like a 3 hour arrival window. The 3 hour window is for arrival, for example if the window given is 11 to 2, they will arrive as early as 11 or as late as 2. We offer to contact you 1 hour ahead if needed. You do not need to be home for the cleaning. If you are typically home, but need to leave, simply contact our office to give entry instructions. Also, if 8am is too early, or 4:30pm is too late, contact our office to see if we have other arrival window options for your area.

Who will be cleaning my home?2018-06-04T07:18:45-07:00

We will assign a cleaning tech based on your location. All our cleaners are highly rated and vetted thoroughly. We interview in person and conduct background checks on every employee. We take care of the taxes and are fully bonded and insured.

What do I do about my pets?2018-06-04T07:18:21-07:00

Most pets are harmless and do not interfere with the cleaning. However, if there is a chance your pet may become aggressive, we ask that he/she be separated and secured from the areas that are to be cleaned.

What about my valuables and irreplaceables?2018-06-04T07:17:46-07:00

Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended to put away any delicate items or irreplaceable items that are breakable. Our teams are very careful, but occasionally an accident can happen. We ask that jewelry, cash, and weapons be put away.

What if I want to give a tip?2018-07-24T11:37:06-07:00

If you would like to give a tip, you may add this to your credit card. You may contact our office or use the link located in email sent with each invoice. We do offer to automatically add a tip after each cleaning as well. If you would like to leave cash, the kitchen counter is the best place. It is recommended to place in an envelope with “Dirt Busters” written on it. Tipping is never expected, but very appreciated.

What if the cleaning tech is running late?2018-06-04T07:16:23-07:00

Rarely will a tech run late. This could happen if the size of a prior job is underestimated, or there is extreme traffic. Most the time we will know ahead and be able to notify you if your cleaner is running late. If the arrival window has passed, and they have not arrived, please notify the office as soon as possible so we can investigate.

What forms of payment do you accept?2018-06-04T07:15:31-07:00

We keep a card on file securely encrypted and simply charge the card the business day after each service. We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

When will my card be charged?2019-12-12T13:29:35-07:00

Your credit card will be charged the day of your cleaning visit.

How does the pricing work?2018-06-04T07:24:48-07:00

Pricing is based on the size of the entire home including any frequency discounts that apply. Discounts for cleaning part of a home are not available unless a significant area like bathrooms and/or the kitchen will not be cleaned. For custom pricing, its best to contact our office.

How do I use discount or coupon codes?2018-07-24T14:36:22-07:00

For booking online, you may add the code in the booking form and it will apply to your first cleaning. If you have a code that applies to recurring service, the discounts will applied after the booking and does not reflect on the recurring prices. If you schedule by phone, our office staff can manually apply the discount.

How does the scheduling work?2018-06-04T07:24:41-07:00

On the booking form we update available time slots on a daily basis. When booking, choose the available date that is your top preference. We will then check availability and either confirm or offer alternatives.

How do you monitor quality?2018-06-04T07:23:51-07:00

A survey is sent to each customer the business day after the cleaning. These ratings go into our employee records and are tracked. High ratings are rewarded with pay increases and recognition. Our operations manager also does random checks each week and does continuous training with our cleaning techs.

When are you available?2018-06-04T07:23:03-07:00

Our professionals are available to clean Monday through Friday, 8am to 5:30pm. We do not work most holidays or on weekends.

How long does it take to book?2018-06-04T07:22:35-07:00

Usually it takes less than a minute to fill out the booking form. You will see straight forward flat rate pricing and select your preferred date to begin your cleaning service.

Do I need to be home?2018-06-04T07:21:59-07:00

Over half of our clients are not home during the week, but that is not a problem. Our teams know exactly what to do. If there are any special circumstances or details about your home, we will be sure to include those details for the team.

Will I always have the same cleaner?2018-06-04T07:21:50-07:00

We assign a cleaner to your home when scheduling service. However if they are unavailable or assigned to another area, we will send a different cleaner. They all do a great job for you as all our cleaners are highly rated. If you discover you have a preference for a particular cleaning tech, let us know and we will make an effort to send them when they are available.

What are your core values?2018-06-04T07:27:15-07:00

We strive to create the best possible working environment for our employees. This helps us attract and retain the best to clean your home. We expect our techs to be respectful of each other and our clients. We also ask that our clients always treat our employees with respect. If there are ever any issues, please contact our office.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?2018-06-04T07:27:07-07:00

If you aren’t satisfied, we will make it right (up to a full refund). If there are missed items or areas, we will come back out to re-clean the areas.

What if I forget to give entry access?2018-06-04T07:26:46-07:00

We would simply contact you while the tech is at your home and figure out a way to gain access.

If your cleaner is turned away at the door, or we are unable to clean the home that day, a $50 lock out charge will be accessed.

What if I need to skip or move a cleaning?2019-10-17T15:14:21-07:00

If a cleaning needs to be skipped or moved on occasion, there is no additional charge as long as we are given at least 48 hour notice. For Monday cleanings, we ask for a 72 hour notice. Its $50 for late cancellations. If the tech cannot gain entry into your home, the charge is 50% of the full cleaning price.

What if I want to add something to my service?2018-06-04T07:26:57-07:00

We ask that you always contact the office if you ever need to change anything or add a service. At that time we can let you know if its something we offer and is in the scope of our services. If there is an extra charge for the change, we will also give you the additional cost. We ask that you do not go directly to the cleaning tech for change details about your home or add additional work.

What is your dependability guarantee?2018-06-04T07:25:59-07:00

If we do not clean your home the day of your scheduled appointment, your next cleaning is at no charge. Rarely a cleaner may run a little late due to traffic, or to a larger than anticipated job. Our cleaners are instructed to contact you ahead of time if this happens. If there is ever a schedule conflict, we will contact you ahead of time and find another option that will work for you.

Where do I find the prices?2018-06-04T07:26:07-07:00

On the booking form. Quickest way to check your price will be to select the square foot range that applies to your home. If you don’t know the size of your home, a quick search on Zillow.com will give the answer. Scroll down and choose the frequency of cleanings you would like. Choose any add-ons and your prices will appear. For mobile, the price will appear toward the bottom of the page.

Can my prices be changed?2018-06-04T07:26:14-07:00

Yes, prices given over the phone or online are estimated prices. We base our pricing on the accurate details of your home. If full or accurate details were not provided, the flat rate pricing will be adjusted according to the actual size of your home. We do not offer partial home pricing. Prices are based on cleaning your entire home.

If the frequency of how often we clean your home is adjusted, the frequency discounts will also be adjusted. Frequency discounts can be viewed on our booking form.

What’s not included?2018-06-04T07:26:22-07:00

Pet waste removal
Trash removal
Climbing ladders
Cleaning areas out of reach
We work around cluttered areas
Cleaning areas difficult to access
Working in unsafe conditions
Moving furniture and appliance
We do not go into closed cabinets, drawers, curios, stereo cabinets with glass doors, rooms with closed doors(unless given permission)

How does your referral program work?2018-06-04T07:25:53-07:00

Refer a friend that schedules in for regular service and you will receive a $50 credit off your next scheduled cleaning. Be sure that your friend mentions your name so we can add the credit.

What areas do you service?2018-06-04T07:25:46-07:00

We clean the following Arizona Cities:


Sun City
Sun City West

How do I make changes to existing service?2018-06-04T07:25:39-07:00

Its best to contact our office and we will assist you with any changes or updates you would like to make.

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