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Dirt Busters FAQs

Do you offer discounts?2021-07-18T15:42:37-07:00

Yes! For recurring cleanings, we offer discounts based on the frequency of the cleaning. The more frequent the cleanings, the bigger the discounts! You can see these discounted prices on our online booking form.

We may also offer one-time coupon codes for individual cleanings, such as for the first cleaning when booking a recurring service. When booking online, simply enter the coupon code in the booking form and the discount will be applied to your cleaning service. When booking by phone, just mention the coupon code to our staff, who will be happy to apply it for you.

Please note that if you receive a discount off your first cleaning in return for scheduling recurring service, you must also receive and pay for at least one follow-up service as agreed or you will be charged retroactively for the initial discount.

How does the pricing work?2022-04-16T08:18:38-07:00

We use a flat-rate pricing based on the square footage of your entire home. If you dont know the square footage of your home, you can enter your address on, which should be able to tell you. To see an estimated price, simply request an instant quote, and select your home size on our online booking form. Then select the service and frequency of cleanings you would like, plus any Add-Ons, to see the estimated cost. 

If the actual size of your home or level of service needed differs from the information given in requesting an estimate, the final charge will be adjusted accordingly.

Flat-rate pricing does not include a tip.

Please note that we do not clean houses larger than 3,900 square feet and we do not offer discounts for any portion of a home that is not to be cleaned unless it is a significant area like bathrooms and/or kitchen.

If you want a cleaning that does not include those rooms, contact our office 623-977-6725 or for custom pricing.


How do the cleaners get in if I’m not home?2020-10-28T09:34:26-07:00

When you schedule your cleaning, we will ask for instructions on how to enter your home. For example: you may hide a key, use a lock box, give us a garage code, or use a smart lock. Please turn off any alarms in order to prevent them from going off accidentally and tell us if there are any special circumstances that our technicians should know about, such as unsecured pets. Our technicians will lock up after themselves when they leave. 

How long will the cleaning take?2020-10-28T09:24:04-07:00

The cleaning may take as little as one hour or as long as eight hours, depending on the size and condition of your home and the service that you requested. All of our cleaning technicians are professionals and are trained to be highly efficient. So don’t be surprised if we finish in less time than you expect. That’s what we do!

What do I need to do to get ready?2022-07-21T12:39:03-07:00

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you, but a little help from you will go a long way toward getting the perfect clean. Before we arrive, please pick up excess clutter, move any fragile items out of the way, and empty the sinks so that our cleaning technicians can safely access all the surfaces in your home. We will clean around your possessions rather than move them.

During the warmer months, it is important that our technicians be able to work in safe temperatures. Please be aware that they may set the air conditioning to as low as 77 degrees Fahrenheit while working in your home and will reset it to your preferred setting before they leave.

Other than that, just secure any pets and make sure that we will be able to enter your home at the scheduled date and time. We know what to do after that!

Can you clean everything?2020-10-28T09:27:15-07:00

While our cleaning technicians work hard to make your home sparkle, there are limits to what we can do with set-in stains or certain textured or porous surfaces, such as fabrics, wood, shower doors, bathtubs, grout, countertops, etc. We will clean these surfaces as thoroughly as possible, but be aware that they might not appear as visually clean as other surfaces. If your home has hard water with a high mineral content, it may have created permanent mineral stains or build-up, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee removal of all hard water deposits. In addition, there are some things that we do not clean. Please see our policies for more information

Who supervises the cleaners?2020-10-28T09:29:26-07:00

Each of our cleaning technicians is employed directly by Dirt Busters House Cleaning, which helps us recruit and retain the best people. Our technicians receive ongoing training and regular performance reviews as well as financial incentives to ensure consistently good service. You can trust that our employees know what they are doing, and do not need to be supervised while cleaning, so we ask that you do not attempt to direct or instruct them while they are working. If you would like to inspect a cleaning while the technician is still at your home, please wait until they are completely finished. We will contact you after every visit to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience and, if not, we will make it right with our Happiness Guarantee. If you ever have concerns about any of our cleaners, please contact us as soon as possible at 623-977-6725 or so that we may address the issue promptly.

What if I have a complaint?2020-10-28T09:31:21-07:00

We hope you never do! We have fully vetted and tested our cleaning technicians, so we know they are working hard to leave your home sparkling clean. But if you aren’t satisfied, please contact us right away at 623-977-6725 or so that we may address the issue promptly. We will send one of our supervisors out to re-clean the problem area within two business days. If you are still dissatisfied, we will offer a refund up to the full amount of the cleaning fee. That’s our Happiness Guarantee

How can I be sure that my valuables are safe?2021-07-12T18:02:05-07:00

Our cleaning technicians are thoroughly screened and vetted before hiring. While in your home, they are very careful to protect any fragile objects, and will not open drawers, cabinets, closets, or rooms with closed doors without permission. However, accidents can happen, so please see our Breakage Policy for more information. If you have delicate or irreplaceable items, please put them in a closed area or let us know which areas are off limits. And always secure any jewelry, cash, and weapons.

Do I need to be home?2020-10-28T09:33:34-07:00

No. You do not need to be home when our our cleaning technicians arrive or while they are working. In fact, the majority of our clients are gone when we’re cleaning, but we make sure they’ll have a welcoming home when they return! You just need to provide instructions about how to enter your home, and tell us if there are any special circumstances that our technicians should know about, such as unsecured pets or areas that you don’t want us to enter. If you are home during the cleaning, please be sure that the technicians are given full access to all areas that they will be cleaning and are not interrupted. If you work from home, our technicians will be happy to clean your home office first in order to minimize disruption to your work day.


How many cleaners will you send?2020-10-28T09:20:14-07:00

For most homes, we assign a single cleaning technician, although we may schedule additional cleaners for larger jobs.

What if I have an alarm system?2020-10-28T09:35:14-07:00

Please turn off your alarm or home security system on the day of the cleaning visit in order to prevent it from going off accidentally. While we also value home security, we do not want to burden police or security services with false alarms, which are also very stressful for our employees.

What if I forget to give entry access?2020-12-24T10:49:22-07:00

If you are not home when the cleaning technicians arrive and have not provided access information in advance, we will contact you and request a way to enter, such as a garage code or hidden key. If the cleaning technician cannot gain access or is turned away at the door, we will charge you a lockout fee up to 100% of the full cost of the cleaning to compensate our cleaning technicians for the lost time.

When will the cleaners arrive?2020-10-28T09:37:05-07:00

You choose the date of your cleaning service during your initial scheduling and we will follow up with a confirmation email. We will also send you a reminder the day before each cleaning with the arrival window and the name and a photograph of the employee assigned to your home. The cleaning technician will arrive within that three-hour arrival window. For example, if the arrival window is 11 a.m.–2 p.m., the cleaner may arrive as early as 11 a.m. or as late as 2 p.m. to begin cleaning. If you will not be home when the cleaning technician arrives, simply contact our office at 623-977-6725 to give entry instructions.

What if the cleaners are late?2022-10-21T10:19:01-07:00

We want you to be able to count on us. Our cleaning technicians rarely arrive later than scheduled unless there is extremely heavy traffic or another unusual occurrence, in which case we will notify you as soon as possible. If the arrival window has passed and you have not heard from the cleaning technician or our office staff, please call us at 623-977-6725 so we can investigate. 

What about my pets?2023-12-21T07:43:04-07:00

We will gladly work around most domestic pets, but please secure any pet that may be a threat to our cleaning technicians or that may interfere with or interrupt the cleaning process.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?2021-09-01T07:40:45-07:00

It is a privilege to clean your home and Dirt Busters takes health and safety very seriously at all times. We have implemented several new procedures to help protect our clients and employees during this time:

  • Our cleaning technicians will bring a face mask and will wear it anytime a client requests it.
  • We ask that each cleaning technician should have at least 6 feet of personal space at all times. If you will be in your home while our technicians are working, please help protect everyone’s health by remaining at a safe distance.
  • As always, our cleaning towels are washed before use in your home, and are washed thoroughly before they are used again.
  • Equipment and supplies are cleaned between homes.
  • No employee that has any flu-like symptoms is allowed to work. 
  • Please note that we do not monitor the vaccination status of our employees or clients.
Why do you charge a deposit?2021-07-18T15:44:59-07:00

Our wonderful cleaning technicians depend on a predictable schedule and consistent income. We charge a deposit when we schedule all first-time cleanings in order to guarantee that our technicians are protected in the event of cancellations or other schedule disruptions. The deposit will be applied to the cost of your cleaning.

How do I know when you’re coming?2021-09-30T13:04:12-07:00

We want to give you the clean you need when you need it! 


For first-time and one-time services, our helpful scheduling staff will work with you to find an available appointment date that works for you. For our recurring cleaning service, once you are scheduled into the best day of the week, we will make sure you always have that day for every service, unless you request a change. That way you’ll always know when your house will be cleaned.


We’ll also send you reminders in advance of each scheduled cleaning date, so you know when to expect us.

Can I request a specific appointment time?2021-09-30T13:06:07-07:00

We know that your schedule gets full — and so does ours! In order to make sure that our wonderful cleaning technicians can focus on cleaning (and not driving), we try to give them the most efficient schedule possible every day. And, of course, we don’t want to rush them when they’re working. So, while we cannot promise a specific arrival time, we will notify you of our estimated arrival window in advance of your cleaning date so that you can plan accordingly.

How do I reschedule a cleaning?2023-12-21T08:21:44-07:00

Just fill out our online Reschedule Request Form with your original date and your requested new date. Please note that if you cancel or reschedule a service less than 2 Business Days before your originally scheduled date, we will charge a $100 late cancellation fee to help compensate the cleaning technicians for the loss of income. If your cleaning is scheduled for a Monday, we request notice of cancellation by 9 a.m. on the preceding Friday to avoid the fee. If you do not contact us in advance to cancel a cleaning and the cleaning technician arrives at your home at the scheduled time and cannot gain entry or is denied access, we will charge you the full cost of the cleaning to compensate the cleaning technician for the lost time.

What do your cleanings include?2020-10-28T08:24:33-07:00

We offer several different cleaning options to suit different needs. Visit our Cleaning Services menu for a full list of what is included in each of our services.

What if I want something that isn’t included?2020-10-28T08:31:24-07:00

We offer an array of Add-On services, which can be booked along with your main cleaning. If you are looking for a specific cleaning service that is not listed, please call our office to ask about special request availability and pricing. Please note that we do not offer laundry services, shopping or organizational services, specialty or industrial cleaning, or any services that violate our Policies. If you already have a service scheduled and would like to add something from our Add-On services menu, please contact the office at least one day in advance at 623-977-6725 or Additional services cannot be requested directly from the cleaning technicians.

What if I have special instructions for my home?2020-10-28T08:32:54-07:00

Please communicate all special instructions or requests to our office. This way we can keep notes directly on your account, which will ensure that the information is provided to any cleaning technician who is assigned to clean your home. We cannot guarantee that information communicated to individual cleaning technicians will be recorded for future visits.

Are you insured?2020-10-28T08:33:42-07:00

Absolutely! Dirt Busters House Cleaning is licensed and bonded in the state of Arizona and we have liability insurance coverage up to $2,000,000. We provide workers compensation and pay all employment taxes for our employees.

What areas do you service?2022-04-27T08:23:23-07:00

We provide our excellent Dirt Busters service across the metro-Phoenix region, including: Avondale, Buckeye, El Mirage, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Luke Air Force Base, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise, Tempe, Tolleson, Verrado, Vistancia, Waddell, and Youngtown.

What are your policies?2022-10-21T10:19:45-07:00

You can find all of our policies here, including our Happiness Guarantee

How long does it take to schedule a cleaning?2020-10-28T08:49:55-07:00

It usually takes less than a minute to fill out the online booking form. You will see our straight-forward flat-rate pricing and can select your chosen service option and preferred date to begin your cleaning service. Our staff will follow up by phone or email to confirm your selections, answer any questions you might have, and confirm your payment information. If you would rather book by phone, just call us at 623-977-6725. It’s that easy!

When are you available?2020-10-28T08:50:48-07:00

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for scheduling and our cleaning technicians work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with the last arrival window ending at 4:30 p.m. We are not available on weekends or major holidays.

Will I always have the same cleaner?2022-10-31T12:30:09-07:00

We know that many of our clients are very fond of our cleaners! We cannot guarantee which employee will be at your home on any given cleaning day however we try to keep the same tech.

We employ the best cleaning technicians in the Phoenix area, so when you hire Dirt Busters, you can trust that you’ll get a great clean every time. We conduct background checks, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee, and we guarantee that you’ll love what they do for your house.

How do I make changes to my existing service?2021-02-20T09:52:40-07:00

Contact our office at 623-977-6725 or at least two business days in advance of your scheduled cleaning to book any of our Add-On services, change your cleaning schedule, discuss alternate pricing or payment arrangements, or make other changes to your cleaning service. If you need to
reschedule a cleaning, you must do so using our online Reschedule Request Form. Please note: Changes and additions cannot be requested directly from the cleaning technicians.

Do you offer a referral credit?2021-07-18T15:00:29-07:00

We do! We are truly honored when our clients recommend us to their family and friends. If you refer a new client who then schedules a recurring service with us, you will receive a $25 credit off your next scheduled cleaning AND your friend will receive $25 off their cleaning, too. Be sure that your friend mentions your name when booking their first service, or use our convenient web form and we will email them directly.

Should I add a tip?2022-04-16T08:21:58-07:00

Tipping is a great way to thank your cleaner for their hard work. Most of our customers tip between 15% and 25% of the total cleaning fee. You can use our Add a Tip Form to easily add the amount you specify to your credit card after an individual cleaning or add it automatically after each recurring cleaning, as you prefer. The full amount of the tip will go directly to the cleaning technician.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-10-28T09:03:27-07:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. When you schedule your first cleaning, we will take your card number and will keep it in a securely encrypted file so that it will be automatically charged after each service is completed.

When will my card be charged?2021-07-18T13:42:13-07:00

Your credit card will be charged the day of each cleaning visit. For your first cleaning, you will be charged a $100 non-refundable deposit when your cleaning is booked. This will be applied to the cost of your first cleaning visit

Who supplies the cleaning equipment?2021-04-28T16:02:19-07:00

Dirt Busters supplies all of the tools and supplies that our technicians need to clean your home, including vacuum cleaners, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and freshly-washed cleaning cloths. Our primary cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable. If you would prefer to supply your own cleaning products, please contact the office at least one business day in advance of your scheduled cleaning. Client-supplied products must be non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all surfaces.

Who will be cleaning my home?2020-10-28T09:07:03-07:00

We will assign a professional Dirt Busters cleaning technician based on your location. All of our cleaners are well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted. We conduct background checks, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee, so we know they will do a great job for you. The day before each cleaning, you will receive a confirmation email with the name and a photograph of the cleaning technician scheduled for that visit.

How do I get started?2021-05-12T07:24:24-07:00

If you are a new client, we recommend that you start with our Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning. This will give your whole house a fantastic clean and will get you caught up on your housekeeping. Then schedule our Recurring Cleaning Service and we will arrange regular cleanings on the frequency that you choose: every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. We also offer  Move In/Move Out cleanings to deep-clean an empty house. BONUS: Get a discount off a Top-to-Bottom or Move In/Move Out Cleaning if you book Recurring Cleanings at the same time. Get started now with a fast free quote!

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