Welcome to the Phoenix Homeowners’ Guide on scheduling professional house cleaning services. Keeping your home clean is essential for a healthy and comfortable living environment. However, determining how often to schedule professional cleaning can be a challenge. This guide will help you make informed decisions based on your unique circumstances.

Phoenix Homeowners’ Guide: How Often Should You Schedule Professional House Cleaning?

House cleaning frequency varies from one household to another, depending on several factors. Let’s explore these factors to find the perfect cleaning schedule for your Phoenix home.

Family Size Matters

One of the most significant factors influencing your cleaning needs is the size of your family. Larger families tend to generate more mess and require more frequent cleaning. Here’s a breakdown based on family size:

  • Solo Dwellers: If you live alone, a thorough cleaning every two to three weeks should suffice.
  • Small Families (2-3 Members): Consider scheduling a professional cleaning every two weeks for a consistently clean home.
  • Medium Families (4-6 Members): With a larger household, a weekly cleaning can help maintain a tidy space.
  • Large Families (7+ Members): In a big family, bi-weekly cleaning might be necessary to keep up with the mess.

Lifestyle Considerations

Your lifestyle also plays a crucial role in determining how often you should hire professional cleaning services. Consider the following lifestyle factors:

  • Busy Professionals: If you have a hectic work schedule, a monthly deep cleaning can help you stay on top of things.
  • Pet Owners: Furry friends can bring joy and mess. Pet owners may benefit from a bi-weekly cleaning to manage pet hair and dander.
  • Frequent Entertainers: If you love hosting guests, a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning can ensure your home is always ready for gatherings.

Local Environmental Conditions

Phoenix’s unique environmental conditions can impact your cleaning needs. Factors like dust storms and dry weather can lead to more dust and dirt buildup. Depending on where you live within Phoenix, you may need:

  • Urban Areas: Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to combat dust and pollution.
  • Suburban Areas: A bi-weekly or monthly schedule may suffice.
  • Rural Areas: Monthly cleaning should be adequate unless you have specific circumstances.

Actionable Tips for Creating Your Cleaning Schedule

Now that we’ve considered family size, lifestyle, and local conditions, here are some actionable tips for crafting the perfect cleaning schedule:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Evaluate your unique circumstances to determine your cleaning frequency.
  2. Consider Professional Help: Don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaning services, especially if you have a busy schedule.
  3. Stick to a Routine: Consistency is key. Stick to your chosen schedule to maintain a consistently clean home.
  4. Declutter Regularly: Reduce the clutter in your home to make cleaning more manageable.
  5. DIY Maintenance: Between professional cleanings, engage in light daily and weekly cleaning to keep your home in good shape.
  6. Communicate with Cleaners: If you hire professionals, communicate your specific cleaning needs and expectations clearly.


Q: How do I choose a reliable professional cleaning service in Phoenix? A: Look for online reviews, ask for recommendations from neighbors, and check if they are licensed and insured.

Q: What should I do to prepare my home before professional cleaners arrive? A: Clear clutter, secure valuables, and communicate any specific instructions or concerns with the cleaning team.

Q: Is it essential to use eco-friendly cleaning products? A: While it’s not mandatory, using eco-friendly products is a sustainable choice that benefits both your health and the environment.

Q: Can I customize the cleaning schedule based on specific areas of my home? A: Yes, you can. Many cleaning services offer customizable cleaning plans to address specific areas or needs.

Q: What’s the average cost of professional house cleaning in Phoenix? A: Costs vary depending on the size of your home and the extent of the cleaning required. On average, it can range from $100 to $300 per visit.

Q: Are there any discounts or packages available for regular cleaning services? A: Many cleaning services offer discounts for recurring bookings, so be sure to inquire about special packages.


Maintaining a clean home in Phoenix is essential for your well-being and comfort. By considering factors like family size, lifestyle, and local environmental conditions, you can create the perfect cleaning schedule. Remember to assess your needs, communicate with professionals, and stick to a routine for a consistently clean and healthy living space.