Why do people like staying in hotel rooms so much? Of course, there are the factors of fun travel, staying in a new city, or the thrill of being on vacation. 

But one of the deeper factors is psychological. The room is clean! It’s been proven that staying in a clean, tidy room can be quite relaxing to the mind. 

This is true whether you’re a self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’ or not. It’s one of the secret hacks that hotels use to make you feel like you want to stay there again. 

Of course, their secret weapon is professional cleaners. They have decades of experience with all types of cleaning problems to make each hotel room sparkle. 

However, there’s no reason you can’t benefit from some of their secret hacks! That’s why we’ve developed a guide to let you in on some of their secrets. 

Tackle Hard to Remove Film 

Soap scum is the bane of many a housekeeper’s existence. It can be so hard to remove, yet it seems to happen in every shower!

There are a few ways to tackle this. First, start by rinsing the shower when you first get out of it. An initial risk can actually do a lot to tackle soap scum before it actually settles. 

Secondly, you need to scrub your shower and tub often. If you’re letting it build up for months on end, you’re only making the job harder for yourself. 

Say you’re doing everything right, though. You’re rinsing the shower, cleaning often, and putting in all that elbow grease. If that hard-to-remove film isn’t coming off, what can you do?

Use a putty knife. A four-inch one does the job for most professional house cleaners and can take off that scum-like magic. 

If you’re working with grout or a similar surface, try using a magic eraser rather than a putty knife. It helps you remove the scum without damaging that expensive surface!

Keep Baby Wipes on Hand 

One of the best secret hacks is to stay on top of cleaning. Most cleaning disasters occur when something has been sitting for a long time. The problem just gets worse the longer you leave it!

It can be hard for many people to get into the habit of cleaning as you go. But as any professional housecleaner knows, it makes such a big difference!

Baby wipes are a lifesaver in any situation where you’d typically need a wet rag. This makes it so much easier, especially during craft projects. When you use a wet rag, you need to figure out how to clean it without trashing anything else in the washer or making a bigger mess. 

With baby wipes, you can get paint drips and glue drops without any of those worries.

Remove Coffee Rings 

Of course, you may always use coasters religiously. There’s no reason to trash the wood on that vintage piece that you sourced so carefully! Whether it’s an heirloom piece, something you spent a lot on, or simply a piece of nice furniture, you want to avoid those annoying moisture rings. 

Coffee rings can be the worst because they look so dirty. It’s time to apply a little dental wisdom to your furniture. 

Drinks like coffee and soda tend to stain your teeth, too. What does your dentist recommend that you do after that morning cup of coffee? Go brush your teeth!

When you get those coffee rings on your tables, rub a little white toothpaste into the ring. Let it sit for a moment, then scrub it up with a damp cloth. Just like your teeth, toothpaste tends to work as an eraser.

Clean That Trash Can 

It’s no secret that the inside of your trash can gets disgusting quickly. Whenever the trash bag leaks or someone spills food into the can, it can mold and smell. 

If you’ve cleaned it and the can still seem to smell for no reason, put baking soda down in the can. This will help absorb odors and make your kitchen smell so much better!

But baking soda won’t solve disgusting spills and crusted food. If you find it hard to get that trash can clean, use hot water and toilet bowl cleaner. 

The water shouldn’t be hot enough to damage the plastic. Start with liquid toiler bowl cleaner for the initial scrub job, and then use hot water to rinse and disinfect. 

It can make a massive difference! Your kitchen will smell better than ever before.

Clean Dusty Light Fixtures 

It’s no secret that dusty light fixtures always get ignored during a weekly dusting session. They’re hard to reach, and you might need a ladder and a cleaning buddy if they’re mounted into the ceiling. 

Depending on where your light fixtures are situated, they can seem impossible to clean. Dust seems caked on in a way that doesn’t happen in other parts of the house. 

Think of it this way—heat rises. If your light fixtures are in the kitchen, or you use a wood-burning stove for your heat, all that grease and soot and heat rises. 

It then clings to the dust on your fixtures. This makes it a more difficult cleaning job than it was before. 

Start with a cleaning solution that’s three parts vinegar and one part water. Use caution with vinegar. While it’s natural, it can be deadly if it mixes with bleach, which is highly possible if you have both in your home. 

Use this mixture to slice through the initial layer of dirt. Then, use microfiber cloths to finish the job and make sure your light fixtures are cleaner than ever!

Secret Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean 

With the right knowledge and resources, sometimes a few secret hacks are all you need to stay on top of the cleaning process. However, if you just need a break, consider hiring a professional cleaner. 

It can be a huge stressor off your plate. If you’re interested in passing off the cleaning to someone else, contact us today! We’d be happy to help.