The bathroom is one of the most bacteria-filled rooms in the house. All types of germs, including E. coli, make their home in the most used room of the house.

You likely already have a solid cleaning routine in your home. You know the bathroom needs a lot of cleaning, and you do your part. But considering how many germs there are, you can’t be too safe.

If you want to be the most thorough bathroom cleaner, follow these tips for how to deep clean a bathroom.

How to Be a Thorough Bathroom Cleaner

It’s not enough to only know the basics of bathroom cleaning. If you want your bathroom to be safer for your health, you have to learn the best ways to combat bacteria.

1. How to Keep the Shower Clean

Here’s the thing, few people think about the shower head while cleaning the shower. Shower heads harbor harmful bacteria that you can inhale while showering.

That’s why, when you plan to clean the shower, you should start with the shower head. Before you do the rest of the cleaning, soak the shower head in white vinegar using a bag.

Using baking soda or bleach is the best strategy for keeping the rest of your shower germ-free. Or, you can use store-bought cleaner for tiles.

2. Tackling the Toilet

Experts have shown that getting infections from dirty toilets is possible. We know your toilet won’t be that bad, and it’s because you’ll use these tips.

When we clean the toilet, there’s a tendency to swipe around the bowl and move on. Though, it’s a good idea to make sure you get the forgotten areas. Under the bowl ridge, siphon jets, and the caps on the back of the lid. It would surprise you how gross those get.

3. The Floors

The toilet might be the most bacteria-filled, but the floors see a lot of traffic. They can get dirty, and attract germs that you spread around the house.

To keep the bathroom floor cleaned, you should make sure you sweep it often. Sweeping should be the first step, to pick up larger particles. Then, using your own mixture or buying some, you can mop.

The best way to make the floors look even better is to dry the floors with a towel. It’ll keep the water from drying and leaving streaks.

4. Disinfect the Sinks

Another place you can find plenty of germs is the sink. That’s why it’s critical to disinfect the bathroom sinks often.

On most days, warm water and some soap will get you by on cleaning the sinks grime. But once every week, you should use something stronger. Bleach or other disinfecting bathroom sprays are great choices.

House Cleaning Services

Now that you’re a better bathroom cleaner, you might wonder how often you should clean. Experts suggest cleaning the bathroom once a week at the very least.

Sometimes life gets busy, or you don’t feel like you can stay on top of the cleaning. If you find yourself too swamped to clean, call Dirt Busters House Cleaning for our deluxe services! Book online and get a quote today.