Since cleaning your house is just loads of fun, you wouldn’t be interested in any ways to make it quicker and more efficient, would you? Of course, you would. There are a few people out there who actually enjoy house cleaning, but most of us don’t. So here are three cleaning hacks to make it all go faster and smoother.

Clear the Kitchen Table

The kitchen table – you know, that piece of furniture that was designed to hold jackets, backpacks, magazines, mail, assorted small packages, and the odd dirty bowl or two. You can, however, make it so that there is actually some usable surface area where you might actually eat a meal. Here’s how:

First, always clear the table completely after a meal. It sounds painfully obvious, and we usually do it, but sometimes we’re just too rushed or too tired. But it only takes a minute or two.

Jettison what you don’t need. In all that junk on the table, there are probably magazines you’ve read and loads of junk mail you’ll never read. So toss it.

Invent some storage solutions so that the clutter can have a place to live other than all over the table. Just a couple of plastic bins would do a lot to de-clutter your table.

Finally, clear the table at the end of the day. Just go ahead and pack up your laptop and put it to bed. Have the kids pick up their school books and homework. Then, when you get up in the morning, you’ll have a clear table at which you can enjoy your breakfast, however rushed it may have to be.

Have a System

Most of just look around, sigh and begin cleaning where the mood takes us. But doing your house cleaning in the best, most productive order is a huge help.

Tackle the most difficult, labor-intensive room first, which is most likely the bathroom(s), and everything else will seem like a breeze in comparison. The next step is dusting because all that dust you knock off shelves and ceiling fans and baseboards settles to the floor. And then, of course, mopping and vacuuming are next to pick up the settled dust.

The final step in this ordered house cleaning sequence is cleaning the kitchen because, most of the time, it will be the easiest and quickest. We generally do a good bit of cleaning in the kitchen every day – washing dishes, wiping up spills, spraying and wiping countertops. Starting with the most difficult room and knowing that you’ll end with the easiest, will help you keep going till the job is done.

Make a House Cleaning Schedule

Almost everything else in our busy lives is scheduled. So why not schedule the house cleaning? When your house is need of cleaning, scheduling makes the job seem a little less overwhelming.

You could, for example, set your schedule up according to rooms. You could, say, clean the bathrooms on Monday, the kitchen on Tuesday, the living room on Wednesday, and so on. Or you could set it up according to cleaning jobs: vacuuming one day, scrubbing the next day, and dusting on another day.

The beauty of this method, of breaking a big task down into manageable chunks, is that it is much easier to see your way around it, like the old joke. Question: How do eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. In addition, your cleaning schedule will also include a day just to kick back and enjoy your nice clean home – it’ll be a reward to look forward to.

Bonus Hack

Hire a professional house cleaning service. They are, after all, professionals and probably have the cleaning tools and equipment you don’t. And they have the time for cleaning.

These hacks will help you save time and make house cleaning a little less of an odious chore. If, however, you’d rather spend that time doing something more enjoyable, just book an appointment with Dirt Busters, the most efficient Peoria house cleaning service.