Did you know that having too much clutter in your home can make it harder to concentrate, causes more stress, and lowers your energy? Clutter is defined as objects that don’t have a “home,” are messy, or disorganized.

One of the most common places to hide clutter is in the closet. It is easy to throw clutter in the closet because no one can see it. 

While throwing clutter in the closet may seem like a simple solution, it will lead to even more stress. Do you need to know how to clean out a closet?

If you feel overwhelmed by your closet, keep reading to learn all about closet cleaning tips. 

Empty Your Closet 

The first step to cleaning a closet is emptying it. This is one of the most overwhelming parts of the process because there are lots of shoes, clothes, accessories, or other items hanging out in the closet. 

Put your items in separate piles depending on what they are. Don’t forget to empty drawers in your closet!

Clean Your Closet

Once your closet is empty, you should take advantage of the emptiness and clean the closet. Sweep the floor, mop, clean the walls, and dust the light fixture.

When your closet is full of belongings, it is difficult to get everything clean. Who knows when your closet will be empty again, so take some time to make it look brand new. 

Create Different Piles for Clothes

One of the next steps for cleaning a closet is creating different piles for your clothing. The first pile should be for items you want to keep. Anything that you wear often, love, or is a keepsake should go into this pile. 

The next pile is for items you want to donate. The donation pile is great for clothing that you don’t wear but is still in good shape. 

Lastly, create a trash pile. Unfortunately, some clothing is in bad shape and cannot be donated. You should go ahead and get trash bags for the clothes you want to throw away and the clothes you plan to donate. 

Set Criteria for What to Keep

How do you decide which clothes you should keep and which ones should go? It is best to set some criteria before you get started. 

For example, if the article of clothing is in good condition, but you haven’t worn it in over a year, it should go into the donate pile. If you leave clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, they take up space and create clutter. 

Another example is if the clothes are ripped, stained, or missing a button. In these cases, you should throw these clothes in the trash unless they have significant meaning to you. 

Wear Your Clothes

For clothes you don’t wear every day, try them on before deciding to keep them. There is no point in keeping clothes that don’t fit well or are misshapen. You want to avoid clothes that are too tight, baggy, or restrict movement. 

If you need help, you can always ask a friend or family member for their opinion. Keep in mind that you can tailor clothing if you decide it is worth it. 

Organize Your Clothes

Once you have gotten rid of the trash and donate piles, it is time to organize the clothes you want to keep. How you organize your clothes is up to you, but here are some ideas:

  • Organize by seasons
  • Organize by color
  • Organize by clothing type
  • Organize by frequency of use
  • Keep basics in the front

Organizing your clothes can make your closet look better and save you time in the morning when you are getting ready. You no longer will have to search forever to find a certain shirt.

Pack Away Clothes You Don’t Wear

Do you have any clothes in your closet that are personal keepsakes but you don’t wear? Some examples of this type of clothing are old t-shirts, prom dresses, wedding dresses, or the sweater your grandma knitted for you. 

If you have any of these clothes, you should pack them away in storage bins. While it is important to hang on to keepsakes, you shouldn’t keep them in the closet if you aren’t going to wear them. 

Packing these clothes away is a better way to preserve them. They are less likely to get lost, torn, or stained. In addition to preserving them, you also are getting rid of clutter. 

Put Your Shoes in Cute Baskets

Now that you know what to do with your clothes, what about your shoes? Shoes take up a lot of space because they are clunky and there are lots of them.

If your shoes have taken over your closet, consider organizing them in cute baskets. Not only will baskets contain them, but they also will make your closet look stylish.  

Purchase New Clothes Wisely 

Have you ever purchased a new shirt and then left it sitting in the closet? Now that your closet is cleaned out, you should only purchase clothing that you know you will wear. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale!

The best clothing to buy are staple pieces. Staple pieces are clothing that work for many occasions and never go out of style. 

Use the Wall Space

Are you using the wall space in your closet? If not, you should! Most of the time, walls are wasted storage space. You can minimize clutter in your closet by hanging shelves or organizers on the wall. 

Shelves and organizers are the perfect places to store shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Using your wall space can improve the flow of your closet. 

Now You Know How to Clean Out a Closet 

Clean closets are essential for staying organized, eliminating stress, and having more energy. If you have a cluttered closet, try out these tips to help reduce the clutter. Now that you know how to clean out a closet, are you ready to do it?

Are you lacking the time to clean out your closet? Would you prefer a professional to take care of the task? If so, get an instant quote now. We can even help you clean the rest of your house!