Kitchens are usually the heart of the home.

We gather with loved ones, we eat good food — and we make a mess.

Stains on countertops are inevitable, yet not all countertops are created equal. Different types of countertop materials need different methods of cleaning, especially when it comes to stain removal.

To learn how to care for your kitchen, let’s look at ways of removing stains from countertops.


Since marble is a soft stone, the important part of keeping it clean is to seal it.

Although it’s not 100% stain-proof, sealing it will help.

If you spill anything on marble, clean it up immediately. First, blot the area with a cloth (don’t wipe it!). Then, flush the area clean with water and soap, making sure to gently dry it afterward.

Butcher Block

Like marble, butcher block should be properly sealed to prevent staining.

If a light stain does occur, simple water and soap are all you need. Scrub salt over stubborn areas with a cut half lemon.

For larger stains, you may need to sand the area down, refinish the wood, then re-seal it.


For the most part, removing stains from countertops like laminate only requires a wet cloth and a basic kitchen cleaner.

If that doesn’t work, treat the stain with a paste made from baking soda and water.

The biggest risk is burning the surface with a hot object. A burn “stain” is not removable without replacing the laminate.


Cleaning a quartz countertop is about as easy as it comes!

Its stain and scratch-resistant surface make stain removal a breeze. All it takes is a warm, wet washcloth.


Tiles themselves are easy to clean because of their glazed surfaces.

What makes it tricky for countertop clean-up is the grout lines. If stains fall into the lines, use a grout cleaner with a stiff tile brush to scrub clean.

Stainless Steel

With a name like stainless steel, you’d think removing stains from countertops would be a non-issue.

Yet, you need to take care.

Simple dish soap, water, and a microfiber cloth are enough to clean most stains. For tough hard water or rust stains, use a mild abrasive and scrub with the grain of the steel.


Since concrete is highly porous, use a sealant to protect it from stains and scratches.

To remove stains, use a paste of baking soda and water. Scrub the paste over the area with a toothbrush and rinse clean. You may need to scrub a few times.


For a granite surface stain, apply a paste of baking soda and water.

Cover the area with plastic wrap (taping down the edges) and let it sit overnight. Wipe it clean the next day with a warm, wet cloth.

Keep Your Home Looking Fresh by Removing Stains from Countertops

Don’t be afraid to make a mess!

Knowing how to properly remove stains will keep your surfaces looking like new. By using these tips for removing stains from countertops, you can tackle any stain no matter what material of countertop you have.

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